How To Survive The Company Party

Michelle Bullock
2912 days ago.

It’s that time of year again, where the company party planning committee is in full tilt, ready to make your company holiday party the best. Don’t ruin it by being “that guy”.  Here are some helpful, common sense tips when you gather with your peers to celebrate the holiday season.

#1:  Actually show up!  If your company spends the time and money preparing a nice holiday party for you and your co-workers, the nice thing for you to do is make an appearance.

oh boy #2: If your company offers a nice dinner party that includes alcoholic beverages, maybe stick to the 2 drink MAXIMUM for you and/or your guest.  You do not want to be the guy who stumbles out of the party and wakes up the next morning regretting it! Better yet you don’t want to wake up regretting you invited your guest because of an embarrassing thing they said or did.

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#3: Keep the brown noses at home!  No one likes the first one to grab the boss’ attention and keep it for the entire length of the party! Let your employer mingle and give them a chance to say hello to everyone they can. It is their opportunity to say hi. You have one or two bosses; depending on the size of the company, they have hundreds of employees. Give them their space!

#4: Don’t talk about work! The holiday party is a chance to get away from the daily grind, not to talk about it the whole entire time.  Use this time to chat about something other than the crazy computer system glitches.

that guy #5: Don’t be too “catty” or too “nice” when interacting with your co-workers at your holiday party.  Leave your rude gossip hat at home; it’s the holidays, give people a break. That being said – let’s not be overly nice with our coworkers. Remember, human resources may attend the company party as well and they just might take notes!

My final tip is to find the person(s) responsible for putting these soirees together and thank them.  They do have a full time job besides putting together a nice holiday party for you to enjoy!

Make sure to have a good time, stay safe, and most importantly…stay employed!


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