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Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. It’s time to start your holiday shopping, if you haven’t already.  I always do my Christmas shopping early. With having a new baby on the way, we are on a tight budget this year. This is where I turn into Martha Stuart…or at least I try. She is definitely more talented than I am, but I put my best foot forward. Pinterest is where I turn for my gift making inspirations and ideas. I’ve made several of my holiday gifts so far using Pinterest and they are turning out great. It was a little pricey to get some of the start-up items, but if you are making more than one gift, it is definitely worth it. Here is a list of my Top 10 DIY holiday gifts that look professionally made and are inexpensive and practical.

grandkids 1.  Family Photo Display – I’ve made three of these so far; one for a birthday gift and two Christmas presents. The one that I gave as a birthday present went over great. I used a Cricut for the letters but you could always paint them on or use a marker. This gift is perfect for parents or even grandparents, and they can easily update the photos as they get new ones.

sugar hand scrub 2.  Sugar Hand Scrub – Talk about an easy, practical gift. This would be great for teachers, daycare providers, neighbors, and so many more. All you need to do is purchase a soft on the hands dish soap, sugar, a cute jar, and decorations. Make sure soap and sugar are at room temperature. Pour about ½ a jar of the soap and the add sugar while stirring, until you get a consistence of peanut butter. Easy, right? Then it’s all about the presentation. Put the lid on tight, add a festive ribbon, tie a cute bow, and you’re done. I used Palmolive Soft Touch in coconut scent. It smells wonderful.


3.  Boozy Bacon Jam – This recipe is absolutely amazing! It is delicious on bread, a baked potato, or anything you think bacon would be good on (which is pretty much everything). I plan on bringing this jam to several parties as an appetizer this holiday season. The recipe looks a little intimidating but it really is easy. It takes some time and patience, but the end result is 100% worth it. It makes a great gift; find a jar, a cute ribbon, make a label, and if you’re a real Martha Stewart, add a loaf of homemade bread to go with it.

pom pom 4.  Pom Pom Necklace – Another easy project that would be great for any lady in the family. No sewing required and you only need 5 items: Glue gun, scissors, pen, a necklace with a round charm on it, and fabric in whatever color you plan to make your pom pom. It’s a bit time consuming, but will be well appreciated. After all, what woman doesn’t love jewelry?

5.  Personalized Magnets – A quick and easy gift idea for just about anyone. All you need are: photos, scissors, pen or pencil, small round magnets, clear glass marbles (flat on the back-side), some mod podge, and whatever picture or item you want as the display for your magnet. I found the marbles and magnets at the Dollar Store. Cut out the image you want to appear on the magnet and mod podge it onto the flat side of the marble. Once it is dry, glue the magnet on the back and you’re done. These are fun, inexpensive gifts that the kids can make for friends.

chalkboard 6.  Holiday Chalk Board – A super cute and inexpensive idea. Items needed: A cheap platter (check the Dollar Store), chalkboard paint (you can find at a Wal-Mart or Home Depot type store), yarn or ribbon, and whatever other decorations you want to add. The rest is simple. Paint your platter. Then add yarn or ribbon for it to be hung on the wall. You can also opt to prop it up on a table or desk instead, and decorate around it. I would include a box of chalk when giving this as a gift.

diy bracelets 7.  Homemade Bracelets – These bracelets are cute when completed, but do take some crafting skills and time. You will need some cheap bracelets that can be covered, multi-colored yarn, glue (I used E6000), and charms. All of these items can be found anywhere crafts are sold. You will need to place some glue on the bracelet and wrap with ribbon, gluing as you go. Once the bracelet is wrapped, add some charms, and the project is complete.

diy wreath 8.  Holiday Wreath – There are so many variations of this project, but here is how I do it. I purchase a cheap straw wreath and leave the plastic on it. My first time I made the mistake of taking it off and made a huge mess. I use the E6000 glue, but you could also use a low temperature glue gun. The process is similar to the homemade bracelets. Wrap the wreath with your colored yarn, gluing as you go. Once you have wrapped the entire wreath, accent it with flowers (real or hand-made), large letters, or items like berries.

9.  Delicious Dog Treats – This is the perfect gift for the dog lovers in your family. The recipe takes about an hour, but makes a good amount of treats. Definitely worth the time.

10.  Cookies or treats – This is a very broad project, but most people love a homemade treat. As always, presentation is everything. If you put cookies in a glass jar or decorative tin with a cute ribbon, it gives it that warm and thoughtful holiday appeal.

I would love to hear of any additional homemade gifts you are doing this holiday season.

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