Get These Halloween Treats Before They’re Gone

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When you’re too old to go trick-or-treating without getting a second look from the cops and you don’t have kids, Halloween takes on a whole new meaning for you. Maybe you go to Halloween parties with your friends. There’s a chance we could all be wrapped up in a long intense World Series battle. Or maybe you don’t even acknowledge Halloween because you don’t get off work and thus don’t consider it a real holiday.

No matter what you do for the actual holiday, make it a point to take a stroll through the Halloween aisles of the store the first couple days of November. While lots of candies get special packaging for the trick-or-treat season, there are also some pretty delicious treats that are only available during the pumpkin season. Here are some treats that you should look to pick up on the discount before they go hibernate until whenever they roll out next season’s Halloween merchandise.

Candy Corn Oreos

We were skeptical of these just like you probably are. They use the same vanilla cookie that makes of the traditional vanilla Oreo and you’ll find a combination or yellow and orange cream in the middle. When you open the package, the delicious smell bursts out like Heidi Montag coming out of a cake for Spencer Pratt. The smell is a lot like buttercream frosting. If these weren’t labeled “candy corn” and colored like it, you wouldn’t even think they had anything to do with the season. These were a hit in the office. At least we enjoyed them much more than this lady on Jezebel last year did.  We are kind of addicted to them, much like the NPR guy. Since they are only available at Target during the season, we plan an early-morning assault on our local Target November 1. Still unsure if you want to try these? Read this hilarious review from last year.

20131003_151201 Starburst Candy Corn

If you were disappointed with the sandwich cookies because they didn’t remind you of candy corns at all, you may like these a little more. You get the fruity punch you expect from Starburst but it comes  in the consistency of a candy corn. The ‘corns are quite flavorful and the taste is pretty delicious. Don’t believe me? Check out this guy’s review. These are not Target-exclusive, they are available wherever fine candies are sold…or Walmart.

20131003_151233 Pumpkin Spice M&M’s

Another Target-exclusive treat, these M&M’s click in just slightly smaller than the peanut version. When I had them one at a time, I didn’t taste anything much different than a regular M&M. When I ate a handful, the different flavor was much more pronounced. I wouldn’t call it a pumpkin spice though. I definitely taste more of a cinnamon flavor. These aren’t bad by any means, they just don’t necessarily taste like pumpkin. I wouldn’t be surprised if they used this same recipe for Holiday Spice M&M’s.


 Pumpkin Cheesecake Creme Sandwich Cookies

Maybe in part 2 of this post I will shop for supplies somewhere other than Target. Being that these are from the Market Pantry line of goodies, they retail for your typical store-brand price i.e. less than “name brands”. These were quite delicious. JunkFoodGuy loved them over on his site, if you need someone other than me telling you to eat these. I love carrot cake almost as much as I love the original Footloose and the filling on these tastes a whole lot like the cream cheese icing you know and love. The retail price on these is typically right around $2 so scoring them on discount is a pretty good play.


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