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Super Bowl Party Food Touchdown! The crowd goes wild with high fives and fist pumps. Yes, it is time for Super Bowl commercials, I mean the game. This year, the Harbaugh brothers will begin a coaching face-off as the Ravens take on the 49ers. Even if you are not a huge football fan, Super Bowl day is still fun with parties, games, commercials, and themed party treats and decor. Not sure how to make your party memorable? We can help.

First, plan your menu.

Beer. It’s a must.

Make sure to have appetizers, a main course, and some dessert. Check out the infographic for some ideas. This year incorporate some seafood to celebrate the two coastal teams playing. As long as you have food, you really can’t go wrong.

1. Snackadium. Good luck. Maybe something a little less extravagant will work too but this looks awesome. This will be instagramed by all of your guests for sure!

2. Single serve nachos. Brilliant. Your guests won’t have to keep getting up to get more chips and dip, just grab a couple nacho cupcakes and enjoy the game.

3. Bacon wrapped shrimp for the 49ers. These are delicious and easy to grab and go.

4. Smokies and meatballs. In my opinion it is not the Super Bowl without them. Grab some grape jelly and chili sauce and leave in the crock pot for a no-fuss snack.

5. Philly cheese steak sandwiches. Hearty and easy.

6. Blue crab cakes for the Ravens. Baltimore is famous for blue crab and crab cakes are amazing.

7. Chocolate covered strawberry footballs. We had to stick something cutesy in here.

8. Rice Krispie Treats. These are super easy to make and festive.

Second, games.

Commercial Rating Game.

Have your guests rate commercials during the game and score the top 3 commercials. You can also create a commercial score cards where guests can guess how many commercials will have certain elements like girls in bikinis, dogs, red cars, etc.

Super Bowl Squares.

Create a 100-square grid and put one team on top and one along the left side and number 1 -10 on the top and left. Have guests pay for squares on the board and then at the end of each quarter match the last digit of each teams score and a prize is given for the owner of that box.  Check out a printable grid here.

Football Bean Bag Toss.

Create a football field with yardage on your carpeted floor with duct tape (or get a bags game) and have guests play before the game starts for prizes and bragging rights.

Third, Super Bowl party decor.

To make your party stand out, you must have some creative decorations. Some ideas:

  • Goal Post Cooler – you can make it a game too!
  • Astroturf coasters and/or koozies – quick DIY project. Learn how here.
  • Must have…The Go Plate. This will make eating all those snacks you’ve prepared a breeze! This plate goes right over your beer bottle.
  • Bean Bag toss game – 49ers and Ravens.
  • Find everything from toothpicks and tablecloths to koozies and cupcake holders here – you still have time to order online! You can also grab these items at Party City if you are running short on time.

Fourth, relax – your house will be completely destroyed before the kick-off anyway 🙂

Don’t want to throw the party and need somewhere to go? Here are some great locations in St. Louis with specials and huge tv’s.



Photos courtesy of (and recipes can be found at): Snackadium (app stadium), Hungry Hapennings (rice krispies), Wine Harlots (strawberries), Diva Di Cucina (philly cheese steack), Think Garnish (single serve nachos), Bacon Bacon Bacon (bacon wrapped shrimp), Blue Crab Bay (blue crab cakes).

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