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Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company is an award-winning St. Louis based company that started back in 1981. Dan Abel, the founder, named it with 3 Chocolates, one for each of his children, who now make-up the second generation of this family business. What began as one small family owned location on Route 66 has now grown into 9 retail stores plus a national gourmet wholesale division that caters to stores across the country.

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The newest being ‘The Hill’ location at 5025 Pattison Ave, right off Highway 44. This is the first location that offers tours of the factory. I recently visited the factory, along with several other Real Life STL bloggers, for one of these behind the scenes tours. Let me start by saying it’s free so that’s always a treat. Second, you get a free sample of chocolate at the end of the tour. And finally, for $5 you get to to go into the Tasting Room to sample 5 different chocolates, some of which aren’t sold in stores, and check out some additional cool facts about the history of the company.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention, you get to wear these sweet paper hats…

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate
A for Awesome
chocolate chocolate chocolate factory tour
Rockin’ the paper hats









Tour info:

M-F: Every 1/2 hour from 9am-3pm (except for 12-12:30pm)

Sat: Every 1/2 hour from 9am-12pm

People are always talking about St. Louis being a great city for tourists because of the free stuff like the Zoo, Science Center, History Museum, Busch Brewery etc. Well here’s another to add to the list. Not to mention it’s in the Historic Hill neighborhood, which is also a great place to visit and eat, plus it provides an excellent souvenir to bring back to friends and family…because there’s no way a magnet, postcard, pen or even a t-shirt of the Arch is better than a delicious Arch chocolate bar.

Chocolate chocolate chocolate





Check out some fun photos of us enjoying chocolate heaven.


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