Happy 65th Birthday To The Air Force!

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This weekend is the Air Force’s 65th birthday. On top of that, it’s the 95th Anniversary of Scott AFB, which is named after Corporal Frank S. Scott, the first enlisted person to be killed in an aviation crash (and still remains the only U.S. base to be named after an enlisted member).

Ok, enough of the history. How are we celebrating these special occasions, you ask?

With a Super Sweet 95th Anniversary Air Show is how!

This weekend, Saturday Sept 15th & Sunday Sept 16th from 9am to 5pm, grab the family, a friend, or come alone to Scott Air Force Base in Shiloh, IL to be part of a great celebration with food, live music, loud airplanes and tons of fun!

Airpower Over the Midwest will have some of the coolest air shows, including The Thunderbirds! It’s been 6 years since The Thunderbirds have performed at a Scott AFB air show so this is a big deal! They put on an awesome (and risky) show! Additionally, you will see the U.S. Special Operations Command’s Para-Commandos perform a precision parachute free fall demo (and you can meet them afterwards), plus flyovers from a variety of planes including the B-2 Spirit Bomber (Saturday only), which is really unique in style compared to the planes we’re all used to seeing. Additional performances will include the MIG-17F, Vanguard R-3, Herb and Ditto, TF-33 Shooting Star, Tuskegee T-6 and the Geico Extra 300S. (I have no idea what these are but I know they come with speed, smoke, danger and eardrum busting loudness, all of which I love)!

In addition to the performers, there will be a variety of planes on display to check out and take photos of, plus The Band of Mid America will be performing on Saturday and Sunday beginning at 4pm.

Bring your lawn chairs and ear plugs! Admission and parking are free.


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