Tis The Season For Weddings!

Mary Korte
4242 days ago.

It’s that time of year again when the weekends are filled with BBQ’s, swimming pools and WEDDINGS! It seems like at least a couple of weekends each summer season are dedicated to the institution of weddings.

I just got back from my niece’s wedding in Wisconsin and was astounded and amazed at the amount of detail she put into this event! Holy Mackerel folks! All the cute items, the hand printed this, the monogrammed that, the lights, the decorations… gorgeous! It also reminded me of a conversation a couple of years ago with my friend Jerry that taught me tons.

Jerry and his girlfriend (now wife, Janice) were 20 some-things. Janice was in or helping plan all of her friends’ weddings and telling Jerry all the details. Jerry, like most men, was indifferent.

I had to explain to Jerry that each of those details (in the woman’s mind) made the day more special, binding each participant to the occasion in a special way. That one day shows everyone the depth of the commitment and the importance of each guest to the marriage. I kept asking Jerry how he couldn’t see the beauty in those details and why men don’t typically care to get that involved in those details. Jerry’s explanation was profound.

Jerry told me that men don’t typically care about the hoopla and the details, even if they appear to participate. Men aren’t focused on that day because everyone is there caring, loving and supporting the relationship. Men aren’t focused on the wedding day because…

Men are worried about every day thereafter.

Every day when there isn’t someone there to throw rose petals.
Every day when the car breaks down.
Every day when the kids and parents are both sick but someone has to push through and clean the bathroom.
Every day when one spouse loses their job and finances are tight.
Every day when the romance might not be sizzling hot.
Every day until death do us part.

Men are worried about every day thereafter.   Bless them! 

Thanks Jerry for the life lesson!

Dedicated to my Caitlin & Tam and every couple making the commitment to each other for a beautiful every day thereafter!

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All photographs taken by Charizma Photography, OshKosh, Wisconsin at Chula Vista Resort, Wisconsin Dells.

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