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Ahh St. Louis…not known for it’s mac and cheese. However, if you’re a mac and cheese enthusiast like me (read my bio), then you have to make it a point to do the research and find the mac and cheese, which I’m working on slowly but surely.

Here are my 3 top picks for restaurants in St. Louis that have delicious mac & cheese dishes that will leave you drooling. I’m not talking sides here people, I’m talking the dish itself is mac and cheese, no sides needed.

#1: Square One Brewery-I’m giving it to Square One because of the numerous ingredients they offer for you to mix in with your mac and cheese, and the fact that they hold contests for the most creatively named and created dish. Square One doesn’t have macaroni and cheese on the menu every night. They have one night a week called Macaroni Monday in which you are given a sheet with a list of all sorts of ingredients, from 7 different cheeses plus cool ingedients from asparagus to chili to artichokes to bacon and so much more and you get to build your dish from scratch. It’s really a St. Louis treat!

#2: Cheese-ology-A restaurant strictly dedicated to mac and cheese? Am I in heaven right now? So why is it not #1 you might ask? The main reason is that I think it’s really cool how you get to choose all of your own ingredients and create your own unique dish at Square One.  However, walking into a restaurant where my choices are mac and cheese, mac and cheese, or mac and cheese, for me, is kind of like being Charlie in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. And the 4-Cheese dish is pure heaven. Cheese-ology is definitely a place you must check out.

#3: Over/Under-This bar in downtown St. Louis is one of my favorite restaurants in the city. It’s not at all your typical bar food. They have everything from calamari and scallops to artichoke spinach fondue to…well…mac and cheese. But don’t think it’s some cheapy traditional bar style mac and cheese. It’s heaven in your mouth actually. First off, it’s not your standard elbow noodles, I think it’s radiatore pasta (or something similar), then it’s baked in a delicious sauce that is a mixture of different cheeses and then there’s a thick, cheesy layer on top with bread crumbs and you can order it with crab and/or bacon. So delicious!

So those are my Top 3 so far. Do you know of any other secret mac and cheese gems in St. Louis you want to give a shout out for? I saw something about Growler’s Pub and Bridge Tap House. Anybody had the mac and cheese from either of those?


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Doesn’t know how to cook and survives pretty much on macaroni and cheese and pizza, so naturally, loves to eat out at restaurants. However, one day when she is married and has a family to cook for, she would love to take cooking classes and learn awesome skills like the chefs on Iron Chef long as she doesn't have to clean the dishes afterwards.

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