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The Door To Sausage Heaven It’s the fall, so my food inklings change like the weather. When we hit the October time frame, all bets turn to beer, sausage, and pork products. One of the legends of sausage in St. Louis is Piekutowski’s European Style Sausage in Old North City.

What do you expect when you go to a sausage shop in an old neighborhood? I expect a family run establishment full of regulars and lots of old history. I expect the smell of smoky meats and great product. Piekutowski’s delivers all of that and more!

Finding it is somewhat of an interesting task. Old North City is an area rich in history and poor in upkeep. The area is currently trying to revive itself from urban blight and diehards like Piekutowski’s are the cornerstone of maintaining the community. They have been making sausage there since 1940! Take Grand to North Florissant St. and head east to 4100 N Florissant Ave. You will run right into it.

You might ask “why schlep all the way up there for sausage?” Because my friends, it’s THAT good! Even Pope John Paul II felt he was back in his homeland of Poland when he was eating their Kra-kow. What is Kra-kow? Kra-Kow Think a Polish version of Canadian bacon, but better. This stuff makes a great sandwich, snack, or a cheese and cracker fest that tops it all! While you are there, grab some bratwurst, some sauerkraut, and some pierogi too! This is truly one of St. Louis’s best treasures! Make the pilgrimage and stop off at Crown Candy Factory down the street to be truly thankful for all the food fabulousity our ancestors have brought to us! pierogi

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