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So apparently last week was only the beginning of the Santa madness that is taking over St. Louis. This Saturday, December 17th, there will be not one, but TWO more Santa groups running around St. Louis. Sorry folks, if you have a fear of Santa you might want to bunker up with your blinds closed because there is no escaping them!

First is SantaCon St. Louis, an event happening all over the world. 228 locations in 32 countries to be exact. It’s actually really cool! The SantaCon website has a calendar of when and where SantaCon is happening, from Shanghai to Hong Kong to Miami to good ole St. Louis!…Soulard to be exact. The St. Louis SantaCon is being hosted in Soulard. No busses this time, just grab your Santa suit and head over to The International Tap House at 6pm to begin this Soulard Santa bar crawl!


6-7pm: International Tap House
7-8pm: Llywelyn’s
8-9pm: 1860 Saloon
9-10pm: Great Grizzly Bear
10-11pm: McGurks

And the best part, you get drink specials at each bar for dressing as Santa!

Right, so as I said, there’s not just one, but TWO Santa groups running around this Saturday, so on to Group #2…StL Santarchy

The info on this one is a little more vague as I believe it’s just a Yahoo group and you have to join the group to get all the info, but while it is harder to find, it is also not for the weak. This bar crawl goes from 11:30am to…well I guess until the last Santa is standing. It looks like there’s no bus for this one either, as they have posted bus and MetroLink information for how to get to each location since it travels from U-City to downtown to Soulard. My quote for this one: If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the Santa costume!

StL Santarchy

11:30 Bar       Cicero’s
12:30 Bar       Blueberry Hill
2:00 Bar        Union Station Lobby Bar
3:00 Bar        Tin Can, Downtown
4:00 Photo   The City Museum 7 The Cabinn
5:15 Bar        Dubliner
6:15 Bar        Flamingo Bowl
7:00 Bar       Jack Patrick’s
7:45 Bar       Crack Fox
9:15 Bar       Nadine’s Gin Joint
10:00 Bar   The Bastille  Bob
10:45 Bar   The Shanti
11:30 Bar   1860’s Hardshell Cafe
12:15 Bar    Molly’s


Alright folks, get out to Party City or Goodwill or your closet if this ain’t your first Santa rodeo, and join in the Santa Craze! Because unless you’re headed to Albuquerque NM, Huntington Beach CA, Ipswich, MA, Louisville KY, Poughkeepsie NY or Denver CO on December 23rd (found those on the Santacon site), this may be the last chance you’ll have in 2011 to take part in this fun-loving, holiday spirited, mass Santa event!


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