Fall is for planting

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This past summer’s extreme heat and drought took a toll in many yards.  You’ve probably already noticed leaves dropping early or brown edges on the leaves of many plants and trees.  These are signs of stress.  Many people will want to wait until spring to replace trees or shrubs that died, but any expert would tell you that fall is the best time for planting!  The cooler fall temps are perfect for root establishment, giving a great head start to plants compared to those planted in the spring.

If you are thinking about shade trees to help keep things cool in the summers ahead, make sure to check the area around AND above where the tree will be planted.  Trees should have ample room away from houses, garages and power lines above.  Research the tree species and read the nursery’s info on the tree’s mature height and width before you buy!

Whether you are planting trees, shrubs or perennials this fall, a little extra care now will offer great benefits next year and in the years to come!

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