Things that scare me #2

Melissa DeCicco
3725 days ago.

Meat on a bone... Meat on a bone.  ALL meat on a bone.

Typical conversation…

Them: “I love chicken wings (as they put the whole thing in their mouth and pull out the bare bone), why don’t you want one?”

Me: “I don’t eat meat on a bone (nearly ready to vomit)”

Them: “What, are you crazy?”

Me: “Are you?”

Them: “So not even ribs?”

Me: “Nope, that is also an animal bone.”

So, maybe read that one more time.  Do I seem like the crazy one?  Am I alone in thinking people are crazy for gnawing on an animal appendage?  Seeing the veins sends me over the edge.  It is like walking across a field and chewing on a cow leg…  I mean, are boneless wings really any less tasty than bone-in?  This girl says no!

By the way, turkey legs are by far the worst bone-in eating frenzy.  They still look like the turkey is partially alive and people walk around theme parks chewing on them like barbarians.  In fact, I think that turkey leg eating actually requires you to time travel back to the Middle Ages – nuts I tell ya!  I read somewhere that it tastes like sucking on raw bacon…are you kidding people, not cool!!  (In case you love turkey legs, the 1.5 pound appendage generally costs you about 1000 calories)

I am not a vegetarian, more of a hypocrite meat eater, but this is where I draw the line.

Am I the only one?

This is the second post in the series of things that scare me, see#1 here.

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