Should Weiner step down because we don't agree with him?

Melissa Jensen
2452 days ago.

Why on earth would anyone run for politics these days?

weiner scandal As of today Anthony Weiner hasn’t done anything that broke the law.  Was what he did stupid? Yes, he had to know what would happen if any of this got out.  It’s happened too many times for anyone to believe that this would not be made into a huge deal.

I don’t think it is cause for him to resign.  It really has nothing to do with his job.  His job is to legislate on behalf of his constituents. Sex is tricky, sexuality within a relationship is an even trickier subject.  What is acceptable to one person may seem totally insane to another.  What one couple finds perfectly acceptable of their partner someone else deems as cheating in a relationship.  I think there are very few of us who wouldn’t be embarassed if what knocks our socks off in private was publicly paraded around.  As of today there is no evidence of him soliciting prostitues, raping or forcing women, sending pictures to underage girls, physically cheating on his wife.  Was what he did acceptable, well……that’s really not for you or I to judge.  This is a private matter between him and his wife.  It is completely up to them to determine where the line is in their relationship and whether or not he crossed it.

I don’t vote based on whether or not someone has a family, or what religion they are, who they sleep with, if they are gay or orange.  I vote based on where someone says they stand on the issues that are most important to me and whether or not they vote and legislate in a way that backs that up.  I don’t even vote on what they personally believe.  As long as they stay within the law it really doesn’t matter to me what they do in their personal life as long as when it comes time to legislate they properly represent what the people who voted them into office want.

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5 thoughts on “Should Weiner step down because we don't agree with him?”

    1. I don’t think that what he does in his personal life has an bearing on his ability to lead or legislate.  Many of the greatest leaders in history have had way bigger issues than this, we just didn’t have the 24-hr news cycle or the feeling that every single aspect of other people’s lives was our business (thanks reality t.v.).

  1. I agree with Victoria in that it is not what we should hope to expect in future leaders, but as you said, it’s happened too many times, from Tiger Woods to Bill Clinton, it’s become almost too common for leaders and celebrity role models to let us down in their relationship aspects. I agree with you that those are private matters, and as long as our leaders step up to the plate when it comes to political decisions, I don’t think its fair to ask them to resign if they haven’t done anything illegal. 

    1. I was discussing this with my husband last night and the point came up that if it were illegal to hurt your wife’s feelings every man would be in jail.  It’s just such a personal matter and none of my business. 

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