Life's Real Necessities

4080 days ago. Food. Water. Clothing. Shelter. The four necessities to survive in this world. I beg to differ. I have ten necessities to survive.

1. Cell Phone. It is so much larger than phone calls and text messages. It is our lifeline. We can check our bank accounts, Google irrelevant topics at the spur of a moment, listen to music and stalk on Facebook, among so much more. It’s an all in one tool that has been condensed to a pocket sized computer.

2. Chapstick. Not to be confused with lip gloss. They are not the same thing.

3. Plastic. By plastic I am referring to our second lifeline, dollars. Call me modern, but I don’t carry cash anymore. Any and all transactions, with the exception of the daily fountain sodas, are made with my debit/credit card. It is much easier to see how/where I spend my hard earned money.

4. Camera. You never know when you might need to snap a People of Wal-Mart Photo.

5. Sunglasses. These have several necessary functions. 1. Block my eyes from all the sunshine. 2. Cover my face when I choose to not wear any make-up. 3. Make myself feel more attractive on “those” days. 4. To be used as an accessory while sitting on my head. 5. They come in handy when you cannot find a bobby pin to pin back any unwanted, fly-a-way hair.

6. Gum and or mints. I cannot express how important this item is. Please friends… I do not want to talk to you after you have eaten your Subway sandwich that was piled with onions, peppers and cheese. You smell bad. Also…

And finally 7. Food. 8. Water. 9. Clothing. 10. Shelter.

Did I miss anything?

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