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How to:take good pictures

“a picture is


a thousand words”

People speak too readily and often. I add to this over population of words many times too. I find this happens with people who stand for a cause. They ramble on and on about how we need to “get involved” or trying to pull on our heart’s strings with “their mouths”.

This is my viewpoint: Show me a picture and limit what you say.

I have a rather inexpensive camera and whatever editing program that came with my computer. I try hard with what I have to make nice pictures. I have put together a few steps that may help people who really enjoy taking pics.

1. Keep your camera around– I miss so many moments that would make for great pictures. why? Because I forget my camera

2. Look at other pictures– Pay attention to photos that you like, and then think about why you like them. Try to include the styles that the photographer used that you like.

3. Edit creatively– I get annoyed when people put pictures on facebook with out turning them the right direction or if everyone in the picture is completely washed out or has red eyes. There is always something we can learn when editing. It doesn’t have to be perfect- just find your style.(people like different things)

Pictures are more than snapshots of memories. They can be art that convinces someone to change their mind, join a cause, or be simply touched.

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