"You must go to Fast Eddie's all the time"

Melissa Jensen
4557 days ago.

It started with dating a guy from Alton, people would ask where he’s from and any time I said Alton they immediately related that to Fast Eddie’s.  It’s a great compliment to a bar when it is the most notable landmark in a city.  I haven’t looked this up specifically but I’m pretty certain that even before the new roof addition it is one if the biggest bars in the area if not the biggest.  Every single night they are open the parking lot is packed, I drive by on my way home from work and it’s packed already.  Sunday after church people start pouring in.  It started as a small bar opened by Anheuser Busch, bought in the 80’s by it’s current owner, has expanded with a giant patio and has now expanded to the roof!! 

Why you may ask, well,  cold cheap beer, hot cheap food, live music and a friendly atmosphere.  The food is traditional bar food, but really good and oh so cheap.  Huge basket of fries for $.99 (please note the decimal point), Chick on a Stick for $2.99, $.29 Peel and Eat Shrimp, and the Fat Eddie Burger for 99 cents (It’s a 1/2 pound burger!!!)  They have local bands playing live every weekend and according to their website they may be the #1 volume bar in the world!!  You don’t get close to that for no reason.

Head over to Alton this weekend and see what all the fuss is about.  Directions!!!

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