Man boy?

2529 days ago.

Last Saturday I watched my 46 year old husband take off on a fishing expedition with 3 other 40 something guys and thought, “aren’t they cute”!  I’m pretty sure the 9 fish they snagged between the 4 of them weren’t thinking about how CUTE they were. 

These guys rode off in their boats equipped with trolling motors, bait, rods, beer and a tackle box full of bobbers and colorful lures.  They were ecstatic! A bunch of little manboys already writing their BIG FISH stories and they just left the dock!

That’s when I realized that there are 8 ways to turn my manly man into a happy manboy:

  1. A fish on the end of a hook.
  2. A BIG fish on the end of his hook.
  3. A bikini clad woman on the boat to take that BIG fish off the end of his hook.
  4. A 12 pack of beer in the cooler to celebrate that BIG fish that the bikini clad woman took off the end of his hook.
  5. 3 other guys with a BIG fish on the end of their hooks with a 12 pack of beer in their coolers to celebrate his BIG fish. Oh, don’t forget the bikini clad woman + 3.
  6. A good location, preferably by someone else’s dock in deep water to cast that hook.
  7. A nice crappie bed with lots of crappie.
  8. A sunny or rainy brisk day out on that huge body of water with the BIG one that didn’t  get away.

I love a happy boy, I mean Man.  And if spending 8 hours on a lake with 3 other manboys, a bikini clad woman and that BIG fish makes him happy– well I’m game.  Send your manboy fishing this weekend ladies, then reap the benefits.  Happy man + BIG fish + 8 hours to yourself= Great Saturday!

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3 thoughts on “Man boy?”

  1. Harriet – GREAT blog. On the flip side, I used to DREAD me and my father’s fishing trips. I never caught anything, so I would just pop a cassette into my Walkman and watch my dad’s lips move and pretended to pay attention. =)

    …I just couldn’t bring myself to hook the live bait. (worms!! yuck.) It digusted me….and I would rather walk barefoot over shards of glass than to actually gut a fish. Now that I’m an adult, I’ll have to see if I still hate it as much.

    1. I do almost the same thing with Eddie when I accompany him on his fishing trips. I bury myself in a good book and occasionally nod my head and casually say, “uh huh” when he shows me the baited hook and fish he caught (gross*?!@&). I think he knows that I’m totally not interested in his fishing only about being there with him.

  2. I love the term manboy! I’m totally stealing that. As for the fishing, I will go but am cursed. I’ve never caught a fish. The one time I went fishing as a kid and the guy threw fish food in the pond, my line BROKE!!! ha ha… I’ll never catch a fish. No problem. I get the last laugh as I’m chewing on a peice of ketchup slathered, onion topped fried catfish… lol.

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