3 ways to encourage others

4641 days ago.

How to: Encourage Others


1. Take the focus off yourself. Sometimes pride is not the only thing that keeps us self-focused, insecurity can do this as well. If we are so wrapped up in how we feel and what we are doing, we don’t have time to see where others need encouraging.

2. Point out the good. In order to do this, sometimes we have to be looking  for the good in others. Saying it out loud to the person can make all the difference. Sometimes we acknowledge something good about someone and keep it to ourselves, telling them is necessary in the encouragement process.

3. Allow them to challenge you. After noticing the good and saying it out loud to the person, it is good to let it soak in personally. We can all learn from each other in different ways. We can be thankful for the goodness in them and try to apply something similar in ourselves (no matter how small).

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