Identity Reclaimed

3286 days ago.

How to: be yourself

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could be more like someone?

You like the way she dresses and her skin is flawless.

You like the way he speaks because he seems to know what he believes.

You like the way she can dance perfectly in rhythm.

You like the way he is able to make people smile and laugh.

It is natural for us to compare ourselves to each other. Sometimes this can be a positive thing as it makes us become a better person. Other times it can be damaging if we let go of what makes us unique and cling to someone else’ identity.

I find myself being attracted to people who are confident in their own skin. You know: the people who may seem weird but who take on their own personality regardless of what that looks like to others. The people who have time to enjoy others because they are not spending all their times changing themselves.

How can you be yourself?

You love the way you look and dress to express yourself.

You love your beliefs and find out what you believe.

You love your dance even if it is off-beat.

You make it a mission to make the world smile.