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Mardi Gras Food And Pet Weekend in St. Louis

This weekend St. Louis belongs to Mardi Gras. Food, Pets, and Runners are showcased in Soulard.

Widening the gap

Doesn’t cutting education just widen this gap. Kids of parents who can afford it continue to get the sports, the music the special education either because they are in a well to do district or because parents can afford to pick up the slack. Kids in poor districts get it cut to bare bones.

Drinks in a Movie Theater—YES PLEASE!!!

Leather seats and couches, watch the movie from the balcony, go the the lounge and get a drink before or after the show. BRING YOUR DRINK INTO THE THEATER AND SIT ON THE COUCH!!!

World Series!!! Coolest place to watch the game!! (other than Busch)

The Tivoli will be showing all the World Series games on the big screen in the main auditorium for FREE!!!

Coupon Phenomenon

I find it inspiring that a 25 year old woman is making such a drastic impact on the world of shopping and has the potential to turn this into a career, and I recommend for those who are interested in trying this couponing sensation out, to attend her next coupon workshop.