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Rachael is a transplanted small town country girl who has been living the city life since 2009. One of twenty-six members of her immediate family, she is no stranger to chaos and loves the busy life. Among her many talents are: cooking, sewing, dancing the night away, trivia expertise, and shaping her tongue into a three-leaf-clover. As a die-hard Cardinals and Blues fan you can often find her hanging out with friends at a game, or stalking her local sports bar for scores.

Surviving Valentine’s Day As A Single

Instead of running up to a couple and handing them a pamphlet on current divorce rates, remember that their fairy tale may be different from yours. Just smile (maybe steal their wine) and work on your own vision of happy.

Sunny Side Up: Sunday Brunch in St. Louis

On a normal day, grabbing a protein shake on my way out the door is a win. Taking time to relax and slow down on the weekends is a must. Check out some great Sunday brunch places in St. Louis to do just that.