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Want The Best Turkey Meatloaf Ever? Try This Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf

Like Meatloaf? Like Turkey? Try Making This Yummy Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf Lisa picked up some ground turkey at the store the other day out of necessity. What did she do with it? She took a turkey meatloaf recipe and created this Yummy Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf. While picking out meat at the grocery store the other … Continue reading Want The Best Turkey Meatloaf Ever? Try This Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf

Go Inside The Private World Of The White House In Lisa’s Reading & Listening Corner

Now that the madness of the holidays are over, you might find yourself with a little extra time to curl up with a good story. In this edition of my Reading & Listening Corner, I’ll introduce you to Jefferson Tayte, tell you how to get a private tour inside the White House and more. Before you read on, I mean the actual White House, not the Trump Tower annex.

Love Dips? Try This Pickle Wrap Dip

Some Cream Cheese, Sour Cream, Pickles And A Pinch Of Garlic Go Into This Delicious Pickle Wrap Dip

Love finding new recipes to try out on Pinterest? Love dips? Need something quick to make for the next holiday party? Lisa has has you covered on all three fronts with this great Pickle Wrap Dip recipe. Cream cheese, sour cream, dill pickles and some garlic make this a delicious treat.

Guess what day it is?  I’ll give you a hint:

Hump day!
Hump day!

Yep, it’s hump day again! The trials of Monday are over and the weekend is just around the corner.  At this time of year, that means yet another holiday party to attend.  It seems like we are all racing around like crazy, and quite often we need to have a quick dish to take somewhere.  Here’s one that just couldn’t be easier, and it’s always a hit.  I used to make these salami-pickle roll-up snacks (you’ve probably had them or made them yourself) that just flew off the plate.  It took way longer to roll all those suckers up than it did to eat them!  Enter Pinterest…

Pickle Wrap Dip Recipe
The recipe for Pickle Wrap Dip from A Slice of Mudpie.


I came across the above while I was perusing Pinterest. The recipe comes from A Slice of Mudpie. Yes, the promise of all that salami-pickle-y flavor without all the rolling!  The clouds parted and the angels sang “Hallelujah!”  Now, here’s the thing.  I’ve never really been big on following directions that closely.  I modify darn near every recipe I see to make it my own based on what I’ve got in the fridge/pantry, my energy level, what I need to use up, etc., and this one was no different.  So, here’s what I did for this Pickle Wrap Dip.

Pickle Wrap Dip (Lisa Remix)

2- 8oz packages of cream cheese, softened

1-16oz tub of sour cream

Small jar of kosher dill pickles , drained and chopped fine (save some pickle juice in case you want to thin out the dip)

5 or 6 small dried beef packages (I’m lookin’ at you, Mr. Buddig), chopped to ½ in or smaller pieces

Pinch of garlic powder

Mix everything together until it’s well incorporated, and refrigerate until you need it. Serve with crackers.

I usually use light cream cheese because it’s already softer than regular, and it incorporates better with the sour cream. You can use regular or light sour cream, but I wouldn’t advise the fat free stuff because…eww.  If you want a stronger pickle flavor, throw (all or some of) those bad boys into the food processor.  The smaller they are cut up, the more the flavor permeates throughout the dip (especially if you make the dip a day before you need it).  My grocery store seems to have the beef packages on sale often for way cheap, and I use at least 6 packages per batch.  I’m also a garlic fiend, so that’s always going to happen.  Feel free to make it your own.  Seriously, you can’t go wrong with this dip!

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Lisa’s Reading And Listening Corner

second-chance I love books. I love stories that take me to faraway places, that make me laugh, that let me relax.  I’m a fan of mysteries and thrillers, odd characters and strange situations, and I don’t mind a touch of the supernatural here and there.  I love British humor, cookbooks, technology, and anything a little off-kilter.  I still buy physical books here and there, but have mostly switched to electronic books to save space.  Kindle is on nearly every device I own and it’s rare if the Audible app on my phone isn’t open.

Today I’m starting Second Chance, book 3 in the Chronicles of St. Mary’s series.  This is a British time-travel series full of adventure, history, and hilarity.  The main character is a delightful mess, and the series just seems to be getting better as I go.

Earlier I was listening to a BBC production of Revolting People, starring Andy Hamilton and Jay Tarses.  Not as good as his Old Harry’s Game series, but still a fun ride.
I finished The Obsidian Chamber the other night, the latest in the Agent Pendergast series.  Jon Land of the Providence Journal had this to say: “Rivetingly superb … great fun … thriller-writing of the highest order. A lavish, brilliantly conceived puzzle that pieces together neo-gothic plotting with splendidly rich tones.” Yep.  What he said.

undeath-taxes I also recently finished Undeath & Taxes.  This is the follow-up to the best-selling title The Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred, The Vampire Accountant.  You read that correctly – vampires and accountants in one book.  And, it’s actually pretty good.  Funny and quirky.  It works.

Maybe you’ll find something to sink your fangs into.  Happy reading!

Do you have something you think I would enjoy? Let me know in the comments. Too many good books to read? What’s that mean?

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