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Doesn’t know how to cook and survives pretty much on macaroni and cheese and pizza, so naturally, loves to eat out at restaurants. However, one day when she is married and has a family to cook for, she would love to take cooking classes and learn awesome skills like the chefs on Iron Chef long as she doesn't have to clean the dishes afterwards.

Boo For Resolutions…

I would be buying one of these games and rocking out in my apartment, using my roommate’s Wii to dance my ass off and get sweaty in my own apartment with no one watching while listening to awesome music.

Spice Up Your Life

Or just your apartment… Adding on to trends that are becoming increasingly popular, we have furniture and wall decal art. I was introduced to this style of decor over 6 months ago and then recently re-introduced to this trend…only now they have it for furniture too! No more bland, white apartment walls, or standard wood furniture for … Continue reading Spice Up Your Life

What to do Christmas Weekend?

Grab your coat and scarf, and head to your nearest RedBox to find a great Christmas movie, and if you don’t have any popcorn, hot chocolate(with marshmallows), or candy, you may want to stop by the nearest store or convenience mart to pick some up, and RELAX and enjoy the tradition!