Taco Bell Taps St. Louis Model To Debut New Clothing Line

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Taco Bell & Forever 21 Recently Unveiled A New Clothing Line With A St. Louis Model Walking The Runway

You may have heard that Taco Bell and Forever 21 recently released a line of clothing inspired by the fast food restaurant. You may have even read right here that a St. Louis model was featured in the first photos promoting the line.

St. Louis model Brittany Creech was in Los Angeles last week for the official launch of the Forever 21 x Taco Bell line. She was one of a group of influencers Taco Bell chose to model the line. We wrote about Brittany back in 2015 after her senior photos went viral for an interesting reason.


Taco Bell has since created a page on their website dedicated solely to high schoolers that take their senior photos at Taco Bell. Brittany’s entry on the page is a thing of beauty.

1. Brittany Creech
The girl who started it all. Taco Bell senior photos might not even be a thing today if it weren’t for Brittany’s famous photos.

Seeing that, you shouldn’t wonder why the brand reached out to the Missouri model. It probably doesn’t hurt that she’s excellent on Twitter too. Check her out at @MoGirlProbs

St. Louis model Brittany Creech was recently in Los Angeles to help launch the Forever 21 x Taco Bell clothing line.
St. Louis model Brittany Creech was recently in Los Angeles to help launch the Forever 21 x Taco Bell clothing line.

I caught up with Brittany recently via email to chat about her Taco Bell experience and what else she has going on.

While Creech has done runway shows and been to Los Angeles several times in her modeling career, working with the Taco Bell team on this event was a highlight in particular.

“I think my favorite part was honestly seeing the whole thing come to life. Taco Bell is genius as a brand. Completely genius. They’re ahead of the game at all times. I have been in touch with the team for over three years now, and I know how hard they work and how much the people genuinely care about what they’re putting out into the world. I was able to meet many Taco Bell executives this trip and they are wonderful and so very kind to me.”

So What Did She Get To Keep?

Creech wore several different pieces from the line during the show and the companies sent her home with many of the pieces from the line as well. A few of the looks will likely make their way into her daily wardrobe.

“My favorite item in the line would probably have to be the “Too Much Sauce” t-shirt just because its simple, my day-to-day wardrobe is very simple and classic. I also really like the purple jacket. It’s so fun.”

The denim jacket that was picked for Creech to wear on the runway won’t be coming back to St. Louis, however. She already owns it.

While Creech doesn’t have anything more currently in the works with either Taco Bell or Forever 21, she says she would definitely love to work with the companies again.  Creech also was a bit coy when asked about any projects she’s currently working on.

“There is nothing in the works for me now – that I’m allowed to share.”

While Creech attended the University of Missouri-Columbia last year, she has since switched to an online degree program that is more suited for her modeling career. She’s on track to get her associate’s degree in mass communications next summer.

From Taco Bell To Country Music

Creech recently flew to Texas to star in country singer Rich O’Toole’s “Take It From Here” music video.

“(The video) was so great to be a part of. I love the song and Rich’s music, and he and his team were so welcoming to me. I’d work with him anytime! It was different because I’d never been a “lead girl” in a music video before, but it was so much fun. Rich needed a model for the video and ended up reaching out to me, I was honored.”


A lot has happened since Brittany Creech decided to have her senior photos done at Taco Bell. So, I asked her one of the most important two-part questions I could think of.

The last time we talked you said your favorite Taco Bell menu item was the Cheesy Gordita Crunch with a Pepsi. Are you still sticking to that answer? Have you tried the Naked Chicken Chips and what do you think of them?

“I am sticking to that answer! I have yet to try the Naked Chicken Chips, I’ve heard they’re amazing. I just always stick to the same thing whenever I go, I’m boring!”

I think Brittany and I might have different definitions of “boring.”

Want to check out more of the items for sale from the Forever 21 x Taco Bell line, including Brittany’s favorite shirt? You can give Taco Bell your money here. 

Remember to follow Brittany on Twitter @MoGirlProbs

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