Are You Shopping With Ibotta? Get Cash Back On Everyday Purchases

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Earn Cash Back On Everyday Purchases With Ibotta

Do you love saving money? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Are you using Ibotta? It’s an app that gives you cash back on your everyday purchases. Use it in conjunction with store savings and manufacturer’s coupons to save even more money.

Remember the days of printing out copies of your receipt and mailing it off to get a rebate? Ibotta is the same concept, but in app form on your phone.

Are you using the Ibotta shopping app? Get cash back for everyday purchases.
Are you using the Ibotta shopping app? Get cash back for everyday purchases.

Just scroll through and add the rebates you are interested in. After purchasing the items, scan the UPC codes and your receipt. Click “submit” and you are on your way to savings. The money goes into your Ibotta account within 24 hours once verified.

Once you’ve accumulated $20 in savings, you are eligible to withdraw your savings. One option would be to put it straight into your PayPal or Venmo account. Another option is to redeem it in the form of a gift card. Some of the current gift card options are Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart or iTunes.

I’ve been using Ibotta for a little while now. Right now, my account has $106.20 in it. The smart move would probably be to put that money straight into my PayPal account and then my bank account. Of course, I will likely put it on a gift card and buy something I don’t need.

Bryan Leach is the man behind Denver-based Ibotta. He’s a Yale Law School graduate (Leach also attended Oxford) who has clerked for the United States Supreme Court. Leach left behind a lucrative law career to start Ibotta in 2011. Six years later, the company claims on its website to have paid out more than $208 million to shoppers since its launch. It’s been downloaded 22 million times and taken in $73 million in funding.

The Denver Post has a great story on Leach, the early days of Ibotta and the relaunch of the mobile app.

At a time where you hear stories all the time of shoppers staying away from traditional brick-and-mortar stores, Ibotta is helping stores draw them back in.

About that relaunch. The new app makes finding rebates while shopping a whole lot easier. If you already have the app, definitely download the new version as soon as you can.

Here are some tips I have for anyone downloading the Ibotta app or looking to use it more.

Helpful Ibotta Tips To Save You More Money

Be Willing To Try New Things

Brands offer rebates on their products through Ibotta to promote their products. That means that if you aren’t beholden to certain brands or products you can take advantage of whatever deals are currently available.

However, if you aren’t going to eat or use something, don’t buy it just to get the rewards.

Remember Some Offers Can Be Used Than Once On A Receipt

When you click on an offer, scroll down and it will tell you if it can be used more than once on a receipt. When you go to redeem a receipt, there will be a teal box on the right. Click the + sign to increase the quantity before submitting your receipt.

Look Out For Bonuses

Ibotta is always offering bonuses for completing certain tasks. Some will be offered by brands and require the purchase of certain items from that brand. I recently got a $5 bonus for redeeming 8 rebates over Memorial Day Weekend. Score!

Be Sure To Add The “Any Item” Rebates

Rebates in Ibotta are categorized by store. When you bring up a store, you might see an “any item” rebate. Be sure to add this rebate. It’s an easy way to get extra money back when you submit a receipt.

Make Sure You Have Teammates

When signing up for Ibotta, you can choose to do so through your Facebook account. This will automatically add any of your Facebook friends using Ibotta as your teammates. You will be able to see their savings activity and work together with them to earn more cash. Many of the bonuses available require your teammates to do redeem a certain number of rebates as well.

You’ll also be able to see where you rank on your team in savings. I’m currently 7th among on my 80-person team. My aunt currently has almost $300 in savings racked up. Pretty safe to say I always qualify for the bonuses that require teamwork.

Put Ibotta On Your Phone’s Home Screen

If you’re like me, you’ll never remember to add your Ibotta rebates before you get to the store. You’ll find yourself checking the app a lot while you are in the store. If you’re shopping at a store like Target you’ll find yourself flipping between Cartwheel and this app frequently. Putting both of these apps in a folder on my phone’s home screen helps me access them easily while I’m shopping.

Don’t Lose Your Receipt

I have a bad habit of putting my receipts in my pocket at checkout. This doesn’t work out well when I need to keep my receipts to submit them. I’ve lost more than a few receipts before I had a chance get my Ibotta rebates.

Remember You Have To Take Pictures Of The Products

In order to submit receipts in Ibotta you need to scan the UPC codes. There have been a few times where I’ve put groceries away before doing this and had to get them back out for a photo shoot.

A solution for this is to scan the products while you are in the store before they go in your cart. Then, when you go to submit the receipt, the product will already show as scanned. Maybe that is how I was supposed to be doing it all along?

Barcaode verification is slowly being rolled out by the company. It is currently available at Walmart and will expand to more stores in the future.

Download Ibotta today and start getting your rewards

Have your own tips that you use to increase your savings on Ibotta? I’d love to hear them. Feel free to share them below.

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