Steph Curry Gets Life Coaching From James Corden And Sings Disney Songs

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Steph Curry Joins James Corden For Life Coaching, Miniature Golf And Disney Songs

Steph Curry joins James Corden for some life coaching, mini golf and Disney songs.
Steph Curry joins James Corden for some life coaching, mini golf and Disney songs.

NBA star Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors and James Corden got together recently on The Late Late Show. The two played miniature golf, Corden gave Curry some life coaching, and the pair sang Disney songs.

Steph Curry and James Corden play golf


Corden’s coaching apparently worked because Steph Curry did this last night.

Steph Curry vs Timberwolves

John Oliver Talks Marijuana On Last Week Tonight

John Oliver talked marijuana on Last Week Tonight over the weekend. Otherwise known as “catnip for people,” Oliver disspelled some myths about marijuana and talked about the ridiculous laws surrounding marijuana.

Watch the video below and please tell me why marijuana is still illegal in most of the country? And, as Oliver points out, something really needs to be done at the federal level.

John Oliver on marijuana. Warning: Language


Netflix Releases Trailer For Anne of Green Gables Series

Netflix has released the trailer for its upcoming series based on the Anne of Green Gables books by L.M. Montgomery. Amybeth McNulty plays Ann Shirley in the series while R.H Thomson and Geraldine James  play her older siblings Matthew and Marilla, respectively.

Anne drops May 12 on Netflix.

Netflix Anne trailer


Videos of the Wednesday from RealLifeSTL
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Season 2 Trailer For Aziz Ansari’s Master Of None Released

Aziz Ansari and Master of None return to Netflix on May 12 for season 2 of the popular and hilarious series.

Master of None season 2 trailer


Mama June Shows Off Her New Self To Sugar Bear

If you’ve spent time on the internet recently you may have seen a headline about Mama June Shannon looking way different. She’s reportedly lost 300 pounds after surgery.

Entertainment Tonight has a clip from Mama June’s new reality show Mama June: From Not to Hot, where she travels to meet her ex-husband, Sugar Bear, for the first time since the transformation. Yes, Honey Boo Boo is with her.

Mama June shows off her new self to Sugar Bear


Teaser Trailer Released For Marvel’s The Defenders 

Netflix also released a teaser trailer for Marvel’s The Defenders. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist team up on August 18 on Netflix.

Marvel’s The Defenders teaser trailer


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