Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Argues With Uber Driver, President Trump Addresses Congress

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Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Argues With Uber Driver

At the rate Uber is going, the company may collapse by the time it’s allowed to expand throughout Missouri.  The #DeleteUber hashtag first caught fire on social media when the company promoted rides at JFK airport while New York taxi drivers were striking. The tag got brought back up after a former employee made allegations of rampant sexual harrassment at the company.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick argues with an Uber driver in recently released video.
Video recently surfaced of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick arguing with one of the company’s drivers. Picture courtesy of Wikipedia.

After being put on the defensive during both of those incidents, the company now has to deal with a video of Uber Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick arguing with one of his company’s drivers while leaving his vehicle. The driver, Fawiz Kamel, took the opportunity presented by having the CEO riding in his car to criticize the CEO for his actions that reduced the money earned by drivers.

Kalanick sent an email to Uber employees last night apologizing for the incident and admitting he needs leadership help. Kalanick is the co-founder of the ride-sharing company and has an estimated net worth of $6 billion.

Uber CEO argues with driver


President Trump Addresses Joint Session of Congress

United States President Donald Trump adddressed a joint session on Congress last night for the first time. The New York Times has five key takeaways from the speech. You can watch the full speech below.

U.S. President Donald Trump addresses Congress


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John Oliver Talks Obamacare

John Oliver talked Obamacare and its alternatives recently on Last Week Tonight. He addressed its possible repeal and compared the alternatives proposed to a thong.

John Oliver addresses Obamacare and its alternatives


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