Adam Sandler Is Sandy Wexler In New Netflix Movie With Jennifer Hudson

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Sandy Wexler starring Adam Sandler

Sandler & The Gang Star In Sandy Wexler, Coming To Netflix April 14th

The latest Netflix project from Adam Sandler and company comes to Netflix on April 14 with the premiere of Sandy Wexler. Sandler  co-stars in the film alongside Jennifer Hudson. They are joined by the likes of Jane Seymour, Terry Crews and Kevin James, among many others.

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Hudson star in Sandy Wexler, coming to Netflix on April 14, 2017.
Adam Sandler and Jennifer Hudson star in Sandy Wexler, coming to Netflix on April 14, 2017.

Love him or hate him, Adam Sandler is here to stay. While he drew early acclaim for films like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, Sandler probably overplayed his hand with some other films in the early 2000s. Ok, that might be putting it mildly. Little Nicky, anyone?

Netflix signed a deal in 2014 with Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions for four Netflix-exclusive movies. The first film in that deal, Ridiculous 6, set streaming records on the service. For The Do-Over, Sandler was joined by David Spade. For the third film of the deal, Sandler has the band back together.

Sandy Wexler is set in Hollywood in 1994. Sandler stars as the title character, a Hollywood talent manager seemingly content with managing the C & D-list stars of the town. Things change for Sandy when he sees Courtney Clark, played by Jennifer Hudson. Though dressed as a swan and performing at an amusement park’s outdoor amphitheater, Wexler is drawn in by her talent.

A host of Sandler’s pals are listed amongst the cast including Terry Crews, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, Henry Winkler and Nick Swardson. In the teaser trailer available below, you can see a pleathora of other celebrities makes appearances in the film. Chris Rock, Dana Carvey and Spade talk about Sandy while sitting out a couch in one scene. Penn Jillette, Pauly Shore, Vanilla Ice and Darius Rucker can all be spotted in other parts of the trailer.

Watch the trailer for Sandy Wexler below.

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Hudson star in Sandy Wexler


We last saw Jennifer Hudson in 2015’s Chi-Raq, although we heard her voice last year in Sing.  Hudson rose to fame quickly after competing on, but not winning, the third season of American Idol.  She took home an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her turn as Effie White in Dreamgirls. She won a Grammy in 2009 for her self-titled R&B album and has picked up numerous awards and accolades as well. You can see more of Jennifer Hudson singing in Sandy Wexler by watching “Courtney Clark Unplugged” below.

Courtney Clark Unplugged Sandy Wexler. Coming to Netflix April 14.


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