Watch The 2017 Super Bowl Commercials including Melissa McCarthy, AirBnB, 84 Lumber

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Kia Wins 2017 Super Bowl Commercials Game With Melissa McCarthy

Kia won this year’s USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter for its Super Bowl spot featuring Melissa McCarthy that promoted the new Kia Niro. Other top ads came from brands like Budweiser, Bud Light and Busch beers, Skittles, Squarespace, Bai and Audi. Some of this year’s commercials took a social slant, such as 84 Lumber’s “The Journey Begins” ad.

2017 Super Bowl commercials including Melissa McCarthy starring in Kia's commercial.
2017 Super Bowl commercials including Melissa McCarthy starring in Kia’s commercial.

Check out all of the commercials from the 2017 Super Bowl, Super Bowl 51, below.

2017 Kia Niro “Hero’s Journey” Starring Melissa McCarthy

2017 Kia Niro Super Bowl LI commercial starring Melissa McCarthy


Tide 2017 Super Bowl Commercial with Terry Bradshaw and Jeffrey Tambor

The 2017 Super Bowl commercial from Tide featured Terry Bradshaw on an epic journey to clean a stain off his shirt. Jeffrey Tambor plays an important role on the journey.

Tide 2017 Super Bowl Commercial with Terry Bradshaw and Jeffrey Tambor


NCADA 2017 Super Bowl PSAs “Safe” & “Smart Phone”

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse ran two ads locally during the 2017 Super Bowl, “Safe” and “Smart Phone.” The Council has ran two of the most jarring commercials in the last couple years focusing on the dangers of heroin.


NCADA 2017 Super Bowl PSA ‘Safe”


‘Smart Phone”

NCADA 2017 Super Bowl commercial “Smart Phone”


Budweiser “Born The Hard Way”

This commercial from Budweiser tells the story of Anheuser-Busch co-founder Adolphus Busch and his immigration to the United States and St. Louis. The commercial was filmed in New Orleans.

Budweiser “Born The Hard Way”


Hyundai “A Better Super Bowl”

Hyundai Super Bowl LI commercial “A Better Super Bowl”


Skittles “Marshawn Lynch Visits Houston, Scotland

Skittles Super Bowl LI commercial ” Marshawn Lynch visits Houston, Scotland


Google Home Super Bowl 2017 Commercial

Google Home Super Bowl 2017 commercial


84 Lumber Super Bowl Commercial “The Entire Journey”

This is the longer version of the commercial for 84 Lumber that aired last night during Super Bowl 51

84 Lumber “The Entire Journey”


Mr. Clean Super Bowl Ad

Mr. Clean Super Bowl ad


Audi #DriveProgress Super Bowl 51 Commercial

Audi #DriveProgress Super Bowl 51 commercial


Skittles “Romance”

Skittles “Romance” 2017 Super Bowl commercial


AirBnB “We Accept” Super Bowl Commercial 

The AirBnB “We Accept” commercial below aired during the 2017 Super Bowl. With the #WeAccept hashtag trending on Facebook, you might want to watch this video from College Humor on the dangers of AirBnB.

AirBnB “We Accept” Super Bowl commercial


Genius “Bad Romance” Super Bowl Spot

Several spots aired during Super Bowl 51 promoting the upcoming Genius series on National Geographic. In this ad, Albert Einstein performs Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” on the violin.

Genius “Bad Romance” Super Bowl spot


Justin Bieber in T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial

Justin Bieber for T-Mobile at 2017 Super Bowl


What were your favorite Super Bowl 51 commercials? Let us know in the comments.

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