Planning Your 2017 Mardi Gras Taste of Soulard Attack

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What Should You Eat At The 2017 Cruzan Rum Taste of Soulard This Mardi Gras?

The Taste of Soulard is a popular event each year on the Mardi Gras Calendar in St. Louis. This year, the Cruzan Rum Taste of Soulard takes place this Saturday and Sunday in the Soulard neighborhood just south of downtown in St. Louis.

For $25, attendees get a booklet of 6 food vouchers and 1 Cruzan Rum drink voucher. Participating establishments throughout the neighborhood and surrounding area offer specialty food or drink items. Each voucher is good for one item. While the event runs both Saturday and Sunday, Saturday is the much bigger day. Shuttles will be running to take you between participating establishments and not every restaurant participates on Sunday. Remember, Taste of Soulard runs from 11am-4pm on Saturday. Don’t sleep in. More details can be found on the event page.

Mardi Gras 2017 in St. Louis calendar including Taste of Soulard, Pet Parade and Grand Parade Day.
Check out the Mardi Gras 2017 in St. Louis calendar featuring parades, softball, a pet parade, Taste of Soulard and more.

As a Mardi Gras veteran, I feel like I’m qualified to offer my suggested Taste of Soulard stops. Keep in mind I am that I am in no way saying these are the only places worth stopping at. You’ll have your unique tastes just like I have mine. For instance, I don’t do spicy. At all. You may say “the hotter the better.” Just take these as some suggestions.

Check out the full 2017 Cruzan Rum Mardi Gras Taste of Soulard menu and give my suggestions a glance.

Ryan’s 2017 Cruzan Rum Taste of Soulard Suggestions

1860’s Hardshell Cafe

Item: Crab Cakes

The area around 1860’s is usually one of the busiest places in Soulard during Taste of Soulard. The line will stretch outside the front door of Hardshell for the crab cakes. The street in between 1860’s and Molly’s will also be packed with people enjoying the weather, music and cammraderie.

Pieces STL

Item: Slow Cooked Beef or Veggie Chili with Homemade Cornbread

Franco traditionally was a must-stop during Taste. The boardgame tavern that is now in its place is starting out its tenure in Soulard on the right foot with this dish.

Twisted Ranch

Item: Cheesy Bacon Ranch Grilled Cheese with Smoked Tomato Basil Ranch Soup

Twisted Ranch is one of my favorite places to eat in Soulard. Yes, it’s the restaurant built around ranch.  No, it is not just food with Hidden Valley Ranch poured on top. If you haven’t tried it yet, take this opportunity. You have tried it? You’ll know why this made my list.

Epic Pizza & Subs

Item: Cheese Pizza Slice

My favorite spot in Soulard. Great people. Great beer prices. Great Diet Pepsi. (I told you I had my quirks.)

You won’t be getting the full Epic experience here, but there’s a reason this line may be the longest line you encounter all day. Want the full Epic experience? Come back another time and get the specialty slice of the day or a  Toasted Ravioli pie.

Mission Taco Joint

Item: Fried Crawfish Taco

Who doesn’t love Mission? Enough said.

Molly’s Restaurant

Alligator Rangoon

Molly’s may have the most creative menu in Soulard. I’ve tried getting this for a couple years and it is either sold out by the time I get there or . . . something I guess happens. Hopefully this is my year. How intriguing does this sound?

Cruzan Rum

Don’t forget to use your drink ticket. Most places will be offering a Cruzan Rum mixed drink for the event. Some have really gotten creative.

Social House – Sweet Chili Shrimp Hurricane

Island Frozen Yogurt – Tropical Frozen Alcohol Slushies

Pieces STL – Capri Rum (Served in a Capri Sun)

Don’t want anything too fancy? Head over to The Porch. Their Cruzan Rum Hurricane will be well worth your visit.

Check out the full 2017 Mardi Gras St. Louis calendar.

Tickets  for the 2017 Cruzan Rum Mardi Gras Taste of Soulard can be purchased online in advance through the STL Mardi Gras website. tickets purchased online can be picked up on Saturday only at the Bud Light Party Centre, otherwise known as the big white tent by Soulard Market. Participating establishments will also have a limited amount of booklets for sale.

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