Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved?

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The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle May Finally Be Solved

For years, stories of ships and planes mysteriously disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle have been a mystery. The mystery may finally be solved, at least partially.

A diver swims near the wreckage of a sunken boat in the Bermuda Triangle
A diver swims near the wreckage of a sunken boat in the Bermuda Triangle

Meteorologists explained their theory in a recent episode of What on Earth on the Science Channel.  It centers around clouds that form in the area between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. Hexagonal-shaped clouds that can be 20-55 miles wide form in the skies over the area, as pointed out by the meteorologists in the episode below.

The meteorologists say that these clouds can produce blasts of air up to 170 mph, dubbed “air bombs.” Those blasts would be easily strong enough to sink ships or bring down planes. They also can help produce waves 45-feet high.

The Bermuda Triangle is sometimes known as the “Devil’s Triangle.” The mystery area in the Atlantic ocean has been talked about as far back as 1952.

Some of the famous ships and planes that have disappeared in the area include the USS Cyclops in 1918, Flight 19 in 1945 and the “Lost Squadron.” has an exhaustive write-up on the area known as the Bermuda Triangle and how the mystery came to be. Some of the theories focus on methane gas trapped below the sea floor in the area and unusual formations on the sea floor there.

Watch the Bermuda Triangle mystery segment of What on Earth below.

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