Brandyn Burnette Releases Stop-Motion “Set In Stone” Video

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Brandyn Burnette Releases Stop-Motion “Set In Stone” Video

Musician Brandyn Burnette recently released his stop-motion music video for “Set In Stone.” The singer is a graduate of Ladue High School in St. Louis. You may remember Burnette from his American Idol audition where Harry Connick Jr. got up from his chair and hugged him. Burnette made it through the Idol audition process, but ultimately turned the show down to focus on his own career.

Brandyn Burnette “Set In Stone” music video


Burnette also just released the video for “Underneath”, which the Huffington Post says “possesses all the qualities of a hit pop song along with the elegant depth of an indie song.” Both songs are from his recently-released State I’m In EP.

You can check out more about Brandyn at

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