Stranger Things Season 2 Coming To Netflix In 2017

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Stranger Things Season 2 Announced

Netflix officially announced season 2 of Stranger Things today with a video uploaded to YouTube and tweeted from the show’s official Twitter account. An official date has not been announced, but the video says it is “coming 2017.”

Stranger Things season 2 announced by Netflix


Colin Kaepernick Talks About Not Standing For The National Anthem, Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump

Colin Kaepernick recently explained his decision not to stand for the National Anthem to reporters. He also talked about U.S. Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and how they exemplify the nation’s problems in his opinion.

Colin Kaepernick talks about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and not standing for the National Anthem


London Biker Shares Video Road Rage Video

Jeremy Vine shared this video yesterday of a road rage incident  that happened to him last week in London. A female passenger in a car is not happy to be behind Vine on his bike. She doesn’t seem to understand that there isn’t enough room on the road for Vine and his bike to move over. She also likely doesn’t understand life in general.


Kelsea Ballerini Covers Tim McGraw’s “Humble & Kind”

Kelsea Ballerini was on the The Bobby Show recently where she covered Tim McGraw’s “Humble & Kind.”

Kelsea Ballerini covers “Humble & Kind” by Tim McGraw


Videos of the Wednesday

Hawk Drops Snake On Family BBQ

The family was out having a bbq in the park when they notice a hawk flying in the air. The family gawks at the hawk flying in circles over the river near them. Then the hawk makes a final pass and flings a giant snake at them.

Hawk throws snake at family bbq.


Police Officer Rescues Kitten From Ravioli Can

A police officer’s body camera recently captured him rescuing a kitten from a ravioli can.

Police officer rescues kitten from ravioli can


Drake White Remixes Jason Mraz’s “Curbside Prophet”
Drake White was also on The Bobby Bones Show recently. He put his own spin on “Curbside Prophet” by Jason Mraz.

Drake White remixes “Curbside Prophet” by Jason Mraz


Girlfriend Interrupts Boyfriend’s Lap Dance

This girlfriend was not happy to see her boyfriend at an adult club. She was really not happy to see him on stage getting a lap dance and proceeded to rush on stage and valiantly rescue her boyfriend from the grips of low morals by assaulting the nice woman on stage.

Girlfriend interrupts boyfriend’s lap dance

Woman Rants About Youth Of Today

Susannah B. Lewis was recently in a T.J. Maxx in Tennessee where she saw some teenagers taking selfies in the store. She decided to film a rant about “today’s youth” when she got back to her car.

Woman rants about youth of today

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