All-Female Ghostbusters Lands In Movie Theaters

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Ghostbusters & The Infiltrator Are In Theaters This Weekend.

Ghostbusters and The Infiltrator open in movie theaters around St. Louis this weekend. Captain America: Civil War and Now You See Me 2 begin showing  at Keller 8, while Everybody Wants Some!!, London Has Fallen and Allegiant are among the movies now available to rent at Redbox.

Ghostbusters opens tonight at MX Movies in downtown St. Louis. Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates and The Secret Life of Pets are also playing this weekend.

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Ghostbusters and The Infiltrator - Weekend Movie Guide
Ghostbusters and The Infiltrator are in movie theaters across St. Louis this weekend. Everybody Wants Some!! is now available to rent at Redbox. Check out the Weekend Movie Guide from RealLifeSTL.

Recapping Last Weekend

The Secret Life of Pets topped $100 million in its debut over the weekend to top the weekend box office with $104.35 million. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates pulled in $16.6 million in its debut.

The Legend of Tarzan followed up its surprising debut last weekend with a $21 million second weekend. The film has now made $87.5 million domestically and $143.5 million worldwide against its $180 million budget.

Finding Dory saw $20.8 million in receipts in its fourth weekend of release. In 4 weeks of release, Dory has now made $423 million domestically and $651 million worldwide.

The Purge: Election Year rounded out the top five over the weekend with $12.4 million in receipts in its second weekend of release.

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Opening This Weekend


One of the most controversial films of the year opens this weekend. Ghostbusters, the new one starring all the chicks, opens this weekend. Some people reacted extremely poorly to the trailer when it was released back in March, basically because it stars Melissa McCarthey, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. Chris Hemsworth also appears in the role of their dim-witted secretary.

Brian Truitt of USA TODAY says the “spiffy proton packs are in good hands” in opening his review of this reboot directed by McCarthy’s husband, Paul Flieg. Stephanie Zacharek of TIME liked this film, but admitted she actually hates the original.

Todd M. Thatcher predicts an opening weekend of $47.3 million for Ghostbusters. The film will not be shown in China, for reasons that are a little murky.

Ghostbusters trailer

The Infiltrator

Bryan Cranston stars as Robert Mazur in The Infiltrator, a film about U.S. Customs officials going after Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Mazur spent five years undercover to infiltrate Escobar’s drug trafficking ring. This film is loosely based on Mazur’s memoir. John Leguizamo plays Emir Abreu in this film, although he is slated to play Escobar in 2017’s El Patron.

CNN says The Infiltrator takes a much-needed look at the failed drug policies in this country. Collider was not a fan of this film and says Cranston wasn’t given the necessary room to shine in his role.

Todd M. Thatcher predicts an opening weekend of $4.6 million for The Infiltrator.

The Infiltrator trailer

Catch It Before It’s Gone

Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War is among the movies opening at Keller 8 in South County this weekend. The Marvel film has made $1.15 billion worldwide since its May release. Now You See Me 2 also opens this weekend at Keller.

Captain America: Civil War trailer

 Make It A Redbox Night

Everybody Wants Some!!

Redbox welcomes a host of new releases to its coffers this week. The Divergent Series: Allegiant, London Has Fallen, Miracles from Heaven, Kung Fu Panda 3 and Everybody Wants Some!! are all now available to rent.

Everybody Wants Some!! is being compared favorably to Dazed and Confused. Popmatters calls it a “crash course of self-discovery and independence.” Tyler Hoechlin, a star of the Richard Linklater film, was named MVP of the All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game at the 2016 MLB All-Star festivities over the weekend.

Everybody Wants Some!! trailer


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