Kristen Bell Slaps Reporter

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Kirsten Bell slaps reporter

Kristen Bell Slaps Reporter At Red Carpet Premiere Of The Boss

Kristen Bell, a.k.a. Veronica Mars, stars with Melissa McCarthy in The Boss, which hit theaters this past weekend and is hilarious.

The 35-year old actress, who is married to Dax Shepard, was being interviewed at the film’s red carpet premiere by Kevin Donnelly of The Fix when the incident occured.

Kristen Bell slaps reporter. Kristen Bell & Melissa McCarthy star in The Boss
Kirsten Bell and Melissa McCarthy star in The Boss.

In the video, the reporter is apparently drunk and asks Bell a question she doesn’t appear to know how to answer. As Bell turns to leave, the reporter grabs her arm while saying “Baby, Baby don’t .” At that point, Bell turns and slaps him, sending him tumbling over a security barrier. As Bell turns to leave again, the reporter attempts to get back over the barrier and promptly falls over it.

Hollywood Take calls the video shocking, but points out that there is a high likelihood it is fake. The cite the fact that there are no bylines on The Fix crediting a “Kevin Donnelly.”

It’s possible “Kevin Donnelly” is actually comedian Brian Unger, who hosts Time Traveling with Brian Unger on The Travel Channel.

Real or not, Kirsten Bell is awesome. Watch the video on the “encounter” below.

Kristen Bell slaps reporter


Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have been married since 2014 and have two daughters together. We wrote about the couple’s antics several months ago when a video surfaced that they made during a trip to Africa before their first child was born.

Bell rose to fame playing the lead character in Veronica Mars from 2004-2007. She again played that role in a Kickstarer-funded Veronica Mars movie in 2014. Since leaving behind that role, Bell has appeared in several movies, including Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Bell has also lent her voice to several high-profile roles, including Gossip Girl in the show of the same name, Priscialla in Zootopia and Anna in Frozen.

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