Heroin AM Skit Stirs Up Controversy On Saturday Night Live

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Heroin AM skit on Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live Stirs Up Controversy With Heroin AM Skit

Saturday Night Live stirred up quite the controversy over the weekend. The show aired a fake commercial for “Heroin AM”, a mixture of heroin, caffeine and cocaine. The skit starred the week’s host, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Kate McKinnon. Heroin AM was billed as a way for those doing heroin to make themselves more predicable.

Heroin AM skit on Saturday Night Live
Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Kate McKinnon starred in the “Heroin AM’ skit on Saturday Night Live.

Feedback was swift and quite negative. Those in opposition took to social media before the full show had even ended. Opponents maintained that because almost 12,000 people died from heroin overdoses last year across the country Saturday Night Live shouldn’t be joking about it. Dodge County, Wisconsin Sheriff Dale Schmidt called the skit “distasteful, inappropriate and irresponsible.”

The morals of the story here are: 1) You can’t joke and anything anymore and 2) People who do heroin are really dumb.

A petition on Change.org asking Lorne Michaels and Saturday Night Live to apologize for the “tasteless skit” currently is about 400 signatures short of 5,000.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus starred in a the “Heroin AM” skit on Saturday Night Live


 Slash Flim reviewed the entire episode of SNL over the weekend, which was the third episode Dreyfus has hosted. /Film called the “Heorin AM” skit the third-best one that aired. They deemed the best skit a parody movie trailer of God’s Not Dead 2. In the “God Is a Boob Man” sketch, a woman goes on trailer for refusing to make a cake for the wedding of two gay men. The court tries to force her to admit that God is gay, but she heroically declares something else.

Saturday Night Live ‘God Is a Boob Man”


“New Mercedes” was another well-received skit on the episode. Skits like “Cinema Classics” and “Pool Boy” were deemed average while “Who Works Here?” and “Huge Jewelry” were rated to be two of the worst. Slash Film called this episode the best one SNL has done all month.

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