God’s Not Dead 2 & Meet The Blacks Open This Weekend

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Melissa Joan Hart in God's Not Dead 2

God’s Not Dead 2 and Meet The Blacks open in movie theaters around St. Louis this weekend. Get A Job begins showing  at Keller 8, while Creed and Concussion are among the movies now available to rent at Redbox.

Meet The Blacks  premieres at MX Movies in downtown St. Louis this weekend. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are also playing.

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God's Not Dead 2, Meet The Blacks and Get A Job
God’s Not Dead 2 and Meet The Blacks open in theaters this weekend. Get A Job is now in theaters and on demand

Recapping Last Weekend

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice of course easily won the weekend box office. Its $166 million opening was right in line with Todd M. Thatcher’s $166.4 million prediction. Zootopia had a solid fourth weekend with just more than $24 million in receipts. As of this writing, the film is closing in on $250 million domestically and $716 million worldwide. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, the weekend’s other opening film, earned just shy of $18 million.

What I Saw This Week

The only movie I saw this past week was My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 . If I saw the first movie, I don’t remember it. I probably should have watched it before going to see this one, but oh well. There were a few parts of the movie that probably would have made more sense if I had watched it, but overall I thought it was a really good movie. A good amount of funny parts and a good amount of sentimental parts.

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Opening This Weekend

God’s Not Dead 2

2014’s God’s Not Dead made quite the splash at the box office. It opened with $9.2 million and ended up making $60.8 million during its domestic theater run. In the sequel in theaters this weekend, God’s Not Dead 2, stars Melissa Joan Hart, Jesse Metcalfe, Duck Dynasty‘s Sadie Robertson, Hayley Orrantia and Ray Wise, hope to duplicate the original’s success. Hart has said she “felt a calling” to star in this film and compared the criticism she has seen for it to what she experienced playing the lead role in Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.

Todd M. Thatcher is predicting a $9.6 million opening weekend for God’s Not Dead 2.

God’s Not Dead 2 trailer

Meet The Blacks

Mike Epps, Mike Tyson and George Lopez star in Meet The Blacks. This spoof of The Purge is the first starring role for Epps He will also star as the title character in the new ABC series, Uncle Buckbased on the famous movie of the same name starring John Candy.

Meet The Blacks trailer

Catch It Before It’s Gone

Get A Job

Miles Teller, Anna Kendrick and Bryan Cranston star in Get A Job, which comes to Keller 8 this weekend along with Kung Fu Panda 3 and The Danish Girl.

Director Dylan Kidd didn’t get the stars of Whiplash, Pitch Perfect and Trumbo together for this movie. This filmed was made and completed four years ago. Way back in 2014, Anna Kendrick revealed on a podcast that she didn’t think the film would ever get released, for whatever reason. Indiewire’s The Playlist has a blistering review of Get A Job. Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film three stars and seemed to appreciate it for what it is.

Get A Job is only getting a limited theatrical release. It is also available via Video On Demand services like Amazon.

Get A Job trailer

Make It A Redbox Night


If you haven’t seen Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan in Creed yet, you need to do that this weekend. The film made just more than $100 million at the domestic box office, but received numerous awards and nominations. Slyvester Stallone won a Golden Globe for his performance and was nominated for an Oscar. Director Ryan Coogler and star Jordan also received numerous accolades for their performances.

Creed trailer

Entertainment News

Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson and James Corden Form A Band
Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden this week where they formed a “dad band.”

The Puff Daddies


Woman Pitches For San Diego Padres in Pitch 

Fox and Major League Baseball are coming together to make the pilot for Dan Fogelman’s Pitch. The series centers on a woman named Ginny, played by Kylie Bunbury, who becomes the first woman to play in the MLB by pitching for the San Diego Padres. It’s being said that Fox will have access from MLB never before granted to a filming like this. It was announced back in January that Fox had picked up the pilot for the hour-long drama.

War Dogs Trailer

War Dogs, based on an article that appeared in Rolling Stone originally and was later turned into a book by author Guy Lawson.,  stars Jonah Hill and Miles Teller and also features Bradley Cooper. The film is in theaters on August 19.

War Dogs trailer


Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart To Star In The Intouchables

The Weinstein Co. is remaking the 2011 French hit The Intouchables with Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart in the lead roles. Cranston is set to play the white quadriplegic millionaire while Hart will play his caregiver. The original film made $430 million at the worldwide box office.

Deadpool Almost Had An “Honest Trailer” During The End Credits

The credits that played at the end of Deadpool weren’t the first idea the people behind the film had. There was originally talk of having Screen Junkies create one of their Honest Trailers to be played during the end sequence of the film. Screen Junkies has launched a campaign to get fans to encourage Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds  to lend his voice to a Deadpool Honest Trailer.

Channing Tatum and Amy Schumer Among Stars Developing Projects For Comedy Central

A host of stars are currently developing projects for Comedy Central. Channing Tatum, Amy Schumer, Olivia Wilde, Jack Black and Kevin Hart among them. Hart is set to star in two stand-up comedy specials and Drunk History is also scheduled to produce a comedy documentary series.

Me Before You International Trailer

Me Before You stars Sam Claflin has a paralyzed man whose mother hires Emilia Clarke as his caregiver. The pair quickly form a very special bond. Clarke and director Thea Sharrock have been surprised and delighted about fans’ reactions to the trailer for the film. The film is based on a novel by Jojo Moyes and is in theaters June 3.

Me Before You International trailer


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