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Bill Gates

Videos of the Wednesday ft, Sam Hunt, Jimmy Fallon, Tiger Woods and St. Louis Brews

Sam Hunt Covers “Belle of the Ball” By Waylon Jennings

Sam Hunt “Belle of the Ball”


John Oliver on Abortion Laws

On the most recent episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver took on abortion laws around the country.

John Oliver on abortion laws


John Oliver On Hollywood Whitewashing

The team at Last Week Tonight also did a feature on whitewashing in Hollywood in light of the Academy Awards coming up next week.

John Oliver on Hollywood whitewashing

Bill and Melinda Gates Talk Energy and Superpowers with Jimmy Fallon

Bill and Melinda Gates talked to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show about their charitable work, superpowers they’d like to have and the 2016 Gates letter.

Bill and Melinda Gates talk 2016 Gates letter


Bill and Melinda Promote With Viral Video

Bill and Melinda Gates also released this viral video promoting video


Why Dating Website Employees Are Terrible Matchmakers

This latest video from Cracked tells us why dating website employees are terrible matchmakers

Why Dating Website Employees Are Terrible Matchmakers


Tiger Woods Can Still Swing A Golf Club

Tiger Woods posted a video this morning on Twitter of him swinging a golf club against a golf simulator. This comes as reports surfaced recently that Tiger’s back had gotten much worse and he could barely walk.

St. Louis Brews Documentary Launches Kickstarter Campaign

St. Louis filmmaker Bill Streeter launched a Kickstarter campaign yesterday to fund the finishing work on his latest documentary, St. Louis Brews. The documentary will focus on St. Louis’s craft beer scene today and back around the 1880s. You can donate to the cause on Kickstarter and be rewarded with gifts like beer coasters, shirts, posters and more.

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