What Will You Do With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers?

Mary Korte
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Thanksgiving is all about family, friends, and food. Other than spending time with my family, all I really want for Thanksgiving is turkey.   Seriously, I love turkey. I love leftovers. I maintain that one should always have Thanksgiving leftovers. But what will you do with your Thanksgiving leftovers?

I think the very best part of turkey is the million things you can do with leftover turkey.   It is so versatile and healthy being a low fat protein option. From soup to casserole to fajitas, how can you lose?   You only lose if you buy a little turkey. Get the big one!

Thanksgiving Dinner
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I think there are a million recipes out there but I always start with soup. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not above asking to take the turkey carcass home. I mean really, if they are friends or family, they will get to eat the tasty soup too, so why not send it home with me? Making soup from scratch sound a little too daunting? Ehow.com takes you through step by step and makes it easy! The key to great soup is always great broth and you can’t beat broth from homemade.   Once you have the broth, you can doctor it up with noodles, veggies, matzo balls, or wild rice.   Health food nut?   What the heck, throw some kale in with reckless abandon, but chop it up first. That uber healthy green stuff is bitter!

When you are not up for soup, then the door opens up WIDE with options. What I always consider a classic leftover casserole? Turkey Tetrazzini is always on the top of the list.   Those creamy, cheesy noodles with lots of turkey, peas, and mushrooms-comfort food right there!

I also want a little spice.   All those cheesy noodles get to be a little much after a while. So why not jazz it up and make some Baked Turkey and Rice with Black Beans? This is a tasty one for folks who are living a gluten free lifestyle.

For me, no turkey event can be held without cranberries. Now, I have waxed philosophical about cranberries in previous years, so if you want a great how to on cranberry sauce, just check out my previous post on how to make a great cranberry sauce for your Thanksgiving feast.

Roast Turkey Cubano Sandwich 1 500

The other reason you need great cranberry sauce is it makes a tasty condiment on turkey sandwiches.   Use it instead of mayo and save yourself a bunch of fat calories. Want to use the leftover turkey and ham at the same time? Try a Roasted Turkey Cuban Sandwich. Not a fan of the cranberry? Try a Bacon Guacamole Grilled Cheese.

Hmmm. I am noticing a lot of cheese here. Could it because I am a dairy farmer’s daughter? Duh! If you want to go lighter and healthier, go straight for the salads. It’s a great way to keep off the holiday pounds. Easy Leftover Turkey Salad  and Kneaders Turkey Cranberry Salad sound like tasty options to me.

Of course, with the wonderful world of Pinterest, you can find a bunch of tasty recipes that will thrill your particular palate. Explore now so you can decide if you need one big turkey or maybe you should buy two!   The leftovers are calling you!

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