Can You Escape?

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There’s a new mania sweeping the country, and it involves being locked in a small room with friends…or strangers for 60 minutes. Why do we do the things we do? I ask myself this question every time I decide to sign up for one of these crazy adventures.

Can You Escape? is a 60 minute anxiety attack. You’re locked in a comfortable, yet small sized room with a group of 12 (or less) people…and a zombie, working as a team to unlock the door and get out before the final buzzer sounds and you become Zombie Dinner.

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It’s located at 2700 Locust St in a small corner building surrounded by a bunch of abandoned-looking buildings. And the creepiness begins. When you purchase tickets, you’re told to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time. The door does not open until exactly 15 minutes before your start time. When it does, you are welcomed by a no-nonsense “doctor” in a lab coat who makes you sign a waiver stating that if you get eaten by the zombie, they’re not liable. Then you’re shuffled into a room where you work together with your team to unlock drawers, decipher puzzles, and figure out combinations to unlock the key that gets everyone out safely. Every 10 minutes, a buzzer sounds and the zombie in the corner gets an extra foot of chain to move around the room. If you don’t get out of the room before the final buzzer, it gets loose and well…you lose.

I signed up with several friends/family and the other part of our group of 12 were strangers. The groups can be less than 12 but from my own experience, and from hearing of a friend’s experience with only 5 people in their group, I think the more people you have, the more likely you are to succeed. Everyone is unique and has a different skill or talent that ends up being useful in some way or another.

You may have heard of Escape The Room or Mastermind Room Escape. They’re all a unique take on the room escape adventure craze that has sprung up across the country. You have 60 minutes to find the clues to get out of the room so you can become the American Ninja Warrior….er, at least feel like it for a few minutes. The zombie adds an extra level of suspense which heightens the experience, which is why I would recommend it over a non-zombie escape room. Especially since it’s October and Halloween is around the corner; I’m all about that spooky factor.

My team made it out with 14 minutes and some change to spare. Afterwards, the lab coat doc did a fun personality assessment, sharing what each person accomplished individually, etc. It was a really cool experience and I definitely want to try other escape events…although the zombie room will probably always remain my favorite.

Some tips from a “zombie room expert”:

  • Listen to the zombie. When he/she is not tormenting you or trying to ‘bite’ you, they may have some interesting things to say…
  • Wear proper clothing. You may have to climb on something or jump away from the zombie, so heels are no bueno. You will also be somewhat active and your adrenaline will be pumping, so it may get warm; take the sweater or jacket off before going into the room.
  • Communicate and listen to each other. Otherwise, you’ll all be running around like chickens with your heads cut off, which will only end in a delicious Zombie Dinner.
  • Have fun! Whether you win or lose, it’s a good time…probably…I won so I can’t speak for the losers. Ha!

Can You Escape?
2700 Locust
Cost: $28/person
Advanced reservations are required


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