St. Louis Rams & Dallas Cowboys In Practice Fight

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St. Louis Rams & Dallas Cowboys Practice Fight

The St. Louis Rams stayed in the Los Angeles area after their game over the weekend with the Oakland Raiders. After an off-day over the weekend where players and staff could look for housing for next season, they spent Monday and Tuesday looking for a practice facility for next season practicing with the Dallas Cowboys. The teams were supposed to practice today as well, but that had already been canceled when a fight broke out between the teams during yesterday’s practice.

The St. Louis Rams and Dallas Cowboys fight at a recent joint practice.
Credit The Pacific Gamer

The fight between the St. Louis Rams and Dallas Cowboys at the Cowboys’ practice facility in Oxnard, California came incredibly close many Rams fans standing on the sidelines. Many being fans of the LOS ANGELES Rams not the ST.LOUIS Rams.


Here’s a report from Sports Illustrated with footage of the fight.


And here’s video from what appears to be the Rams sideline. Kudos to the person faithfully holding up the Stan Kroenke cardboard head.


Cowboys Wide Receiver Dez Bryant got punched in the face by a member of the St. Louis Rams.

It’s unfortunate when videos can’t be embedded. Here’s anothing link to Dez Bryant getting punched in the face. Here’s Rams head coach Jeff Fisher and several members of the Dallas Cowboys organization talking about the incident.

Multiple Fights End Cowboys-Rams Joint Practice

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