It Works: Is It Worth It?

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I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot about It Works recently. I know the company has been around for years, but I’ve just recently begun hearing about it from friends and family who are using the products and raving about them. I haven’t tried any for myself yet, but I trust the opinions of my friends and family so I’m going to go for it.

It Works offers body wraps and they are all the rave. They are essentially cloths that have a botanically-based gel inside. You wrap them around your waist, legs, arms, or butt (wherever you want to see some tightening and firming happen on your body). You leave the cloth wrapped for a minimum of 45 minutes (and wrap some saran wrap over it to hold it in place), then rub in the remaining gel and throw away the cloth when you’re done. You repeat this every 3 days. During the 3-day period in between wraps, you should be drinking half your weight in ounces of water as well. A friend of mine who has been using these products for several months and is now an Independent Distributor for them, sent me photos of the changes to her baby belly after using a box of 4 wraps. My mother has also just begun using the wraps and noticed she lost an inch off her waist after her first wrap.

it works body wrap

Other weight loss products they offer include the Skinny Pack and the Advanced Formula Fat Fighter. Through a friend’s Facebook page, I saw results from someone using the Fat Fighter in combination with the Ultimate Thermofit. She works nights and took 2 fat fighter tablets after dinner and then 2 ThermoFit tablets at around 11pm. If you work a 9am-5pm, you can just take 2 Thermofits in the morning and 2 fat fighters after dinner. Her results: 18.6 lbs lost in 2 months.

Exercising and dieting isn’t for everyone. And while I don’t know the daily eating habits or exercise regimen of these women, they all have made it clear that they got these results without significantly changing their diet or exercise. Do I think you will see better results with better eating habits and putting forth some kind of exercise daily? Yes. However, I don’t think getting a gym membership is necessary; maybe just some light walking around the block or climbing a few sets of stairs daily. I also believe that you will see results based on these products alone, when using them as directed, and drinking the proper amount of water.

They have tons of other products as well including facial creams, stretch mark reducing creams, and hair skin and nails nourishing tablets. If you have brittle nails or you’re trying to grow your hair long, this product is great. My friend took the tablets as directed for 3 weeks and saw a noticeable difference in the length of her hair.

hair and nails

Here’s a random article I read from back in 2014 that gives you a bit more insight into the wraps and how to fully maximize their results. I also enjoyed his response to people who may stop using the products, put the weight back on, and then claim it’s a scam. It’s not a product meant to magically give you a 6-pack or turn you into Taylor Swift, but if you’re someone who wants to fit better in your jeans, look better in your swimsuit, or reduce that after-baby belly, but don’t have the time or willpower for dieting and hitting the gym, then I think It Works is worth a shot.

If you have questions or want more stats before purchasing, check out this page and message my friend Jamie: You can also email her at

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