Black Friday In July With Amazon Prime Day

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2015 Amazon Prime Day

For The Love Of Money!

With the St. Louis area weather spiking lately, it has led to many people looking for ways to “beat the heat.” Want to hear a bit of a non-traditional way to beat the heat? Stay inside and get some major deals online! Wal-Mart and Amazon are the majors players here, but some other retailers like Best Buy and Target are also getting in on the action.

Speaking of traditions, August 7-9 is the 2015 Missouri Tax-Free Weekend. Scroll down to see details on this year’s event.

We all love saving money and getting “the best deal ever” because it means we can spend the savings on something else we really want or really need. It feels great to pay all the bills AND get a treat too! There are some great ways to save some bucks coming up in the next few weeks, so get your cash and credit cards ready!

Lots of stores are touting some great specials in the last couple of weeks of July. Why? Why not?   It’s no secret that the winter holiday sales numbers make or break the retail world, so if they can get us to spend money mid year, chances are consumers will still spend again in December.   Besides, there are tons of birthdays, weddings, graduations, college students going back to school, and renovations and remodels going on in the summer. Great opportunities and great prices go together!

Check out these stores for some great deals this week and beyond.

Best Buy 

Specials available on-line and in-store. Save on computers, appliances, stereos, fitness tech, and a ton of other items.   Get that new outdoor stereo system to rock your backyard and deck!


Different deals every other day on items from across the store. Great deals on electronics and items for the home. Awesome opportunity to get late summer and fall wedding presents or to get your college bound student ready to go for the year!



Amazon is getting in the groove  Prime Day on July 15. Touted as having more and better deals than Black Friday, it is exclusively for Prime customers. If you are a Prime customer, get yourself a treat! If you aren’t a Prime customer, sign up right now for the Amazon Prime 30-day free trial. Prime membership includes priority shipping, music, Kindle first, videos, cloud storage, and Prime pantry. Lots of goodies! You may just find savings on Prime Day that will cover the Prime membership and still save you money, so you can get the lovely Prime priority shipping for free in time for your holiday shopping! Double bonus!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Amazon released a sneak preview of Prime Day deals today. Deals will start being posted at 2 am CST and go all day.  Amazon will be offering a 40-inch 1080p LED TV for $115 and a 32-inch version for $75. The company didn’t release the exact brand of the television. Customers can also get a regular Kindle for $30 off or a Kindle Fire HD 7 for $60 off. Some DVDs will be up to 75% off and Amazon Elements Baby Wipes will be 60% off with the ELEMENTS60 code.


Wal-Mart was quick to act after Amazon’s Prime Day announcement. The retailer lowered the minimum order needed for free shipping to $35 from $50. They’ve said that the minimum order threshold will be in effect for at least 30 days. Wal-Mart also announced that they will have some incredible online deals of their own on July 15th. They are touting the fact that their deals will be available to everyone, unlike Amazon’s.

Missouri’s 2015 Tax-Free Weekend

While we have these great deals available this week, another savings event is coming up next month.

Need to spend your money getting your kids ready to go back to school? Well Missouri’s 2015 Tax Free Weekend is August 7th-9th this year. There are limitations on what qualify for the tax free savings:

  • Clothing items under $100
  • Computers and computer equipment under $3,500
  • School supplies under $50 in a single purchase

Lebron Shoes

Watch your price limits.   Don’t get caught up in buying the newest, coolest pair of Lebron’s or think you are going to splurge on that cute pair of fall boots and expect that you will get the tax savings. Shoes have to be under $100 folks!

Our neighbors in Iowa and Arkansas are enjoying the savings that same weekend also. Too bad Illinois and Kansas are savings-haters and aren’t doing a tax free weekend this year. Boooooooooooo!

Hope these and other back to school specials save you tons this summer!

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