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Michelle Bullock
3181 days ago.


I had the opportunity to attend my first Jimmy Buffett concert last week when he came to St. Louis. My good friend is a “Parrot Head.” If you don’t know what that means, you will soon find out. She lives in Kansas City and called at the beginning of the year to ask if I wanted to get tickets to his upcoming concert here in St. Louis. Absolutely! I had never been to a Jimmy Buffett concert so I was excited. My husband stood out in sub-zero temperatures to get us all tickets! He got us seats as close as he possibly could and we all love him for it!

Fast forward to the day of the concert. It was raining so hard we had flash flood warnings, but we just knew it was going to clear up.  My group consisted of me, my cousin, my mother-in-law, my friend’s sister, their good friend, her mother-in-law, and her mother in-law’s good friend. The point is there were different generations from different places and though we may not have all known each other, we all share the same fondness for Mr. Buffett.

Some of us ladies were Parrot Head “virgins.” I had no idea how serious these people were about their tailgating! I saw Fins to the left, Fins to the Right, Parrot Heads, and way too many men wearing coconut bras! Everyone was like a family in the parking lot as they all sang along to their favorite Jimmy Buffett songs and drank Hippie Juice.

Ok, here is my most honest critique of this concert. IT WAS PHENOMENAL! Jimmy is the best live performer I have ever seen. His live performance is actually better than his recorded. He was on time to the stage and he didn’t have an opening act so it was just Jimmy all night long. When the steel drums started it took me straight to Margaritaville, Back to Jamaica.

It is absolutely amazing that a performer that essentially hasn’t had a solo single on the charts since 1981 can sell out amphitheaters and draw such a cult following like Jimmy Buffett does. I loved his music before this concert. After the concert, I am addicted. Between the atmosphere, the people I was with, and the fact that Jimmy and his band make you feel so comfortable, I didn’t want to leave!

Most concerts I attend, I try to leave before the encore to beat the wait time to get out of the parking lot (I know, I’m old). Not after this concert! We stayed back at our vehicles with the backs popped open just laughing and having a good time with total strangers while parrot head watching.

The concert was definitely a necessity as later that weekend my daughter graduated. What a crazy start to a crazy weekend. Come Monday, I was ready to go back to work just to relax.

So if ever you find yourself in the mood to start the summer off right or feel the need to go to Jamaica, just find a Jimmy Buffett concert. He definitely will bring the sunshine with him! I am now a Parrot Head for life and will be going back whenever I can to see the Son of a Son of a Sailor.


If you want to experience Jimmy Buffett live, or if you just want to listen to some Margaritaville Radio – visit

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