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A new summer television series has just hit the scene. Last Tuesday, NBC aired the first episode of I Can Do That, a variety show featuring six celebrities learning challenging new talents and competing to be the best act.

When Lip Sync Battle came out last month, I could not have been more excited. Celebrities lip syncing current hits and classics with props, back-up dancers, and costumes…Dream.Come.True. But what I have now determined is equally as amazing is celebrities learning and performing unique talents such as magic, stunt shows, sports, and who knows what else.

The first season features professional dancer and Dancing With The Stars performer Cheryl Burke, pop singers and performers Joe Jonas, Ciara, and Nicole Scherzinger (from the Pussycat Dolls), comedian Jeff Dye, and model and actor Alan Ritchson. The celebrities are shown three acts, and they race to choose the act they most want to try. Then they pair up and compete to perfect their act and be the best performance of the night.

In the first show, Nicole & Alan performed a Le Rêve style water performance that was beautiful and elegant and smoldering and….everything.

The next couple to perform was Cheryl and Jeff. During the race to choose what new talent they wanted to learn, Jeff was the first to make it to the top step to get the opportunity to perform with The Harlem Globetrotters. After Cheryl told him she had some hops, he chose her as his partner with a witty reply: “Headbands, short shorts, Cheryl LeBron Burke.”

The final performance was Joe Jonas and partner Ciara performing a magic act. When Joe saw the opportunity to get to work with Penn & Teller, one of the most famous magic/illusionist acts in the country, he ran to the top steps so fast no one could catch him. He chose Ciara as his partner and being someone who is always fascinated with magic, whether it’s a disappearing handkerchief or something far more difficult, I have to say they did a pretty amazing job.

In a similar style to Dancing With The Stars, the show captures clips of the stars during their practice sessions, showing behind-the-scenes-drama, injuries, and quick interviews, before revealing the final performances. Nicole actually got a type of vertigo from all the spinning she had to do for their aerial water act, Joe did a little pre-show disappearing act, and Jeff struggled with the finger spin in rehearsal only to totally nail it (literally) during the final performance.

Spoiler Alert

At the end of each episode the audience chooses the winner and the winner this round was Nicole & Alan. The truth is they seemed to work the hardest and their performance was pretty flawless, not to mention emotionally riveting, so they deserved the win. I, of course, would have chosen Joe & Ciara and their fun illusion performance, but I think it would be pretty amazing to learn any of the amazing talents from the show.

The second episode airs tonight on NBC at 10/9C. After last week’s winner announcement, the celebrities got to see and choose what acts they would perform next. First up was the Jabbawockeez. While Alan was very excited to test his hip-hop dance skills, he was slow on the uptake and got beat to the top of the stairs by Cheryl. And while he begged and shouted for Cheryl to pick him as her partner, she ultimately chose Joe Jonas. The next act was Christian & his dog Scooby. It was clear that Alan was the only celebrity in shape for this type of performance and so the other players encouraged him to take the opportunity. As the players and audience chanted his name, Jeff was chosen to be “Scooby”…or they’re not really sure how the roles will work out, but it will certainly be an interesting performance. That left Ciara & Nicole to have to take on the final act: the physical comedy act known as The Quiddlers. I think I’m more excited about the second episode than I was about the first.

The one thing I will say that may be a detriment to the show’s success is that unlike Lip Sync Battle, which changes up it’s celebrity performers each week, I Can Do That features the same six celebrities for the whole season. My guess is that the next season will showcase a set of six new celebrities; my hope is that the show makes it that long so I can keep watching celebrities doing crazy stuff. Only time will tell. In the meantime, this will be me every Tuesday evening…


To get caught up, check out the full first episode at NBC.com or just watch it below.

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