Inferior Point Break Trailer Released

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Wednesday May 27, 2015

Trailer for Point Break remake released

1991’s Point Break starring Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves, Gary Busey is a cult classic. For some reason, Hollywood executives think remaking cult classics is a great idea. It’s not.  This inferior version of Point Break will open on Christmas Day this year and star Luke Bracey in Reeves’s role and Edgar Ramirez in Swayze’s. Ray Winstone will take over for Busey.

William Riker stars in Star Trek Parody Spinoff on YouTube

A Star Trek fan made this film featuring the William T. Riker character from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The character, played by Jonathan Frakes, has a become a cult favorite among fans.


Canadian Man Sets Guinness World Record for Farthest Journey By Hoverboard

Canadian Catalin Alexandre Duru built a hoverboard and rode in for 905 feet and 2 inches to set the World Record. He got to a height of about 15 feet over the lake.


Trailer for Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy

Amy, the documentary on the late Amy Winehouse, will be released this July in theaters. The film has been making the rounds on the festival circuit, where it has garnered great reviews. Winehouse’s parents have voiced their displeasure with the film.


John Oliver on Corruption At FIFA In Light of FIFA Arrests in Zurich

This clip from Last Week Tonight With John Oliver is from last June, but is quite relevant today in light of the arrests of top FIFA officials in Zurich yesterday. In case you missed the news, Swiss officials arrested seven FIFA officials yesterday at a hotel in Zurich where they were gathering for their annual meeting. The officials are among 14 people indicted by the U.S. Department of Justice on corruption charges. Among those indicted are also several executives in the sports and marketing field. Sepp Blatter, the longtime head of FIFA, was not among those arrested of indicted. An election is set to be held Friday that is likely to put Blatter in for a fifth term as the head of the organization. Here’s a rundown of the case against the 14. Blatter joined FIFA in 1975 and became President of the organization in 1998. Blatter also apparently doesn’t know who Alex Morgan is, which is a crime in itself.


Jason Aldean’s “Tonight Looks Good On You” Music Video


Farmers Rock Out In “Takin’ Care of Livestock” video

We all have the Peterson Farm Bros to thank for this parody of Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s ‘Takin’ Care of Business” titled “Takin’ Care of Livestock”


Inside Amy Schumer‘s Bill Cosby Sketch

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