Who Do You Think You Are?

Michelle Bullock
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So my newest obsession has been trying to find out where I came from. I have always been a nerd about my history since I was a little girl. I loved it when my parents would tell me stories about when they were little and where they thought their ancestors came from. I was told I was French and German and that I may have Native American ancestors.


The fascination with finding out where I came from was heightened with the show Who Do You Think You Are? It is a show that traces celebrities’ family trees and they follow them in finding out about the more interesting members of their trees. The new season returns on March 8th on TLC. The other show that I most recently have gotten addicted to and has prompted me to go forward in looking up my tree is Genealogy Roadshow on PBS. Yes, I am a full on 9 Network Nerd! I love this channel and I love this show. It really dives into the person’s family tree and finds incredible stories. Genealogy Roadshow has even been televised from Union Station here in St. Louis. Genealogy Roadshow airs on Tuesday nights on The 9 Network.

The common denominator for me are the amazing things each one of these people have found out about their family history. From normal every day people that have royalty in their line to famous people that find they had patriots as grandparents. Each one of these shows uses the website you all may know, Ancestry.com. After a 14-day free trial you can become members for $19.99 per month.

So recently, after just doing general searches for my husband’s relatives and mine, my husband suggested we become members. Just to let you all know, within 48 hours of becoming members, my husband found he is the 18th great grandson of royalty in Scotland and I have found that my great grandmother that was born in New Hamburg, Missouri was adopted. So there may be a trip to New Hamburg in my future to find out more about her adoption. And a trip to Scotland to find out more about Zach’s royal blood line has definitely made our bucket list.

Capture123We have found fascinating documents along the way, such as Civil War draft cards, census polls, marriage licenses; we have even found the actual picture of the Teutonic, the ship that my husband’s 2nd great grandfather arrived on when he was 18 years old.  Ancestry.com has enabled us to open up documents that just make our history more real and tangible. I have caught myself tearing up at documents I have found about my family tree. This has also been a learning experience for the whole family. The kids even find it cool when we find another leaf hint on the family tree.

If you’ve ever wanted to check out your family history, I would suggest going to Ancestry.com for more information. Have you ever looked into your family history and found any interesting stories? If so, please share. I think we all need to know a little bit about who we were to know more about who we are, don’t you think?



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