Weekend Movie Guide: Hot Tub Time Machine 2, McFarland, The DUFF

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Hot Tub Time Machine, The DUFF and McFarland, USA open this weekend.


Hot Tub Time Machine, The DUFF and McFarland, USA open this weekend.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2, McFarland, USA and The DUFF open this weekend. Unbroken makes its way to Keller 8 Cinemas and Lucy is available at your local Redbox.

Recapping Last Weekend

Fifty Shades of Grey easily ran away with the weekend box office, making $85 million over the traditional three-day weekend and $93 million if you add in the holiday. Kingsman: The Secret Service, which is a movie you should all go see in theaters, made $41.7 million over the weekend. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water was a closed third with $31.5 million. American Sniper took fourth place with another $16.4 million to break the $300 million mark, domestically. Jupiter Ascending took fifth place with $9.2 million in its second weekend of release.


Opening This Weekend


Hot Tub Time Machine 2


The crew from Hot Tub Time Machine is back for a sequel after grossing $50.3 million at the domestic box office back in 2010 with the original. Adam Scott replaces John Cusack in Hot Tub Time Machine 2, a fact that The Hollywood Reporter couldn’t seem to get over. Hitfix called the sequel “very dirty and very silly”. If you liked the first movie, go see the sequel.

Variety estimates Hot Tub Time Machine 2 will bring in $13 million in its opening weekend and points out that the film was produced for a mere $14 million. The original opened to $14 million in 2010 but did very well on DVD after its theatrical run.


McFarland, USA


McFarland, USA is based on the true story of the cross country program at McFarland High School in California. The movie is actually based on an article written by Mark Arax in 1997 for the Los Angeles Times. Deadspin had a great story recently on how this is a rare instance where the true story might actually be better than the Disney story. Kevin Costner stars as Jim White, the founder and coach of the McFarland cross country program. Lisa Kennedy of the Denver Post said “Kevin Costner and kids run and deliver” while also pointing people towards the original newspaper story. Dann Gire of the Daily Herald also praises Costner’s performance.

Deadline Hollywood predicts an opening weekend for McFarland, USA of between $7-$9 million.



Mae Whitman stars in The DUFF, which has drawn comparisons to Easy A. Mae Whitman plays the movie’s lead character, Bianca, who has been labeled the Designated Ugly Fat Friend by her cruel classmates. The Wrap calls The DUFF “this decade’s Mean Girls”.

Todd M. Thatcher predicts a $7.9 million opening weekend for The DUFF.

Catch It Before It’s Gone


Keller 8 Cinemas welcomes Unbroken this weekend.

Make It A Redbox Night


Lucy, The BoxTrolls and St. Vincent are now available at your local RedBox. Check out the trailer for Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson and Luc Besson.


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