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Melissa Jensen
3291 days ago.

A few months ago I rescued a dog, and suddenly I was a dog person. I want to take my dog with me everywhere I go, for her, not for me. See, what the rescue agency described as a little shy is actually extreme universal fear of everything except other dogs (she tolerates people who have dogs with them). We’re fairly certain she was a breeder dog and got no socialization during critical puppy time, but we are very lucky that so far she has expressed zero aggression. As part of her therapy I try to take her to new places, so we have been exploring pet friendly places to walk dogs in St. Louis. Here are my Top 3 so far.

1. Laumeier Sculpture ParkHer first adventure was to Laumeier Sculpture Park. This is an excellent place to go wandering with your leashed dog. It was a bit too much for my dog due to the number of kids. Kids want to pet pretty dogs and mine does NOT like children. The back trail is the best; lots of woods and cool things to look at. I put her inside the nose of a sculpture to pose for a picture and she bolted – luckily she bolted for me. I would definitely suggest this as a place to hang out with your dog; there are usually lots of other dogs there too.

2. Nate and Marble Jefferson Barricks Her next adventure was to Jefferson Barracks Park. This went much better for everyone. There are usually lots of people, but the morning we went the weather was beautiful and it wasn’t crowded. There were lots of people with dogs all over the park; all with leashes on. While JB Park doesn’t offer the same cool factor as Laumeier, it’s a pleasant morning stroll with trees and picnic areas, and the river is pretty to watch. One plus to this park is that there is a Bread Co. very close by and they all have patios, so it was a nice way to spend significant time with her (she did not enjoy the patio, but I was glad to get to eat).

3. Our most recent trip was to the Chain of Rocks Bridge. This, by far, is my favorite place we have been. The bridge itself has a great view, but more than the bridge, I liked the beach by the low water dam and so did Marble (my dog). She was able to run around full speed off the leash. The people here were the friendliest here as well.

These are just my Top 3 so far. Marble and I will continue exploring, so stay tuned for more great places to walk dogs in St. Louis. And if you have any suggestions for where I should take Marble next, feel free to share them in the comments.

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