Videos of the Wednesday: Jurassic Parks and Recreation

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January 7, 2015

Jurassic Parks and Recreation

Thanks Mom Productions made this “spoof” on the Jurassic World trailer. The video is actually a mash-up of the Jurassic World trailer and Parks and Recreation clips. Chris Pratt stars in Jurassic World as Owen and in Parks and Recreation as Andy Dwyer.


Acton RocketSkates Available Now

Acton debuted these RocketSkates at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happening this week in Las Vegas. Acton had a Kickstarter for these last summer where they raised $550,000 after originally setting a goal of $50,000. You can now order these in red, black or silver. The estimated ship date is January 30, 2015.


Gaston Wins Push-Up Contest

This is the second time in the last couple months that the Gaston character at Disney World has been the subject of a uber-popular video after “Little Girl Puts Gaston In His Place”. This time, a man challenged the character to a push-up contest and then got beat like the weak little man he is compared to mighty Gaston. The video has now been viewed over 6.3 million times on YouTube. It was the user’s first video uploaded to this account.


Boys Told To Slap Girls

This video is all over the internet because it’s of cute kids and it’s being shared with the tagline “boy asked to slap girl and his reaction is priceless”.


Real Life Peter Griffin Goes To New York Comic Con

Seth MacFarlane actually voices Peter Griffin on Family Guy but you wouldn’t know it watching Robert Franzese “perform”. It’s called cosplay. This wonderful man first came to fame last July for his work. He’s back in this video of him going to New York Comic Con last year.

Benny The Bull Steals Celtics Fan’s Girlfriend

This is of course staged, but it is pretty funny. The man playing the Boston Celtics fan is on his cellular telephone when the “Kiss Cam” turns to him and his better half. She wants to get a kiss and feel loved in front of the whole arena, whereas he is in the middle of a very important conversation. Benny The Bull, the mascot for the home team, the Chicago Bulls, proceeds to swoop in and steal the woman away. The Youtube account this is posted to seems really suspect, but it’s been viewed 1.6 million times already.


Sophia Grace Brownlee Sings About “Best Friends”

This is the young lass that rose to fame after singing a cover of “Super Bass” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2011. That would be around the same time Rebecca Black first came out with “Friday”. Here’s Sophia Grace Brownlee’s new song, “Best Friends”. Elle posted this recently with the headline “Is Sophia Grace The Next BEYONCÉ?” The 11-year-old and her cousin Rosie recently signed a five-picture movie deal.


Ant-Man Trailer

Paul Rudd stars as Scott Lang in Ant-Man, set for release on July 17, 2015. Evangeline Lilly and Micheal Douglas are also on the bill. Here’s the first trailer for the new Marvel Film, Ant-Man.

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